Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV Series) episode
Season Code: 217
Episode: 43
Original airdate May 11, 2014
Written by Gavin Hignight
Supervising Producer Ant Ward
Directed by Alan Wan
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ciro Nieli
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"The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman" "The Wrath of Tiger Claw"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2
October 12, 2013 - September 27, 2014
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"Newtralized!" is the seventeenth episode of the second season of the 2012 TV series, and the forty-third episode overall in the series. It first aired on May 11th, 2014.


Raphael is worried about Casey's ability to handle big mutant threats when they meet Slash again and discover he has a partner of his own: the Newtralizer!


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The episode begins with Raph and Casey chasing the Kraang carrying plutonium in a briefcase across the rooftops. When Casey jumps on a fire escape and grabs on the side, it collapses and they both fall. A Kraang with the briefcase runs away before Raph and Casey get up. As Raph tries to catch up, he notices the Kraang droids destroyed in an alley. Raph and Casey wonder who did that and Casey notices the plutonium was stolen. Without their knowledge, Slash is watching them on a rooftop and then goes away.

Back at the lair, Raph yells at the others for playing games and explains the situation. Leo decides to split the team: he'll take the sewers, Donnie and Mikey the rooftops and Raph and Casey will stay on the ground level. Raph then warns Casey about the danger of mutants, but he ignores him, saying he's awesome. Mikey and Donnie come across a few destroyed Kraang droids. Donnie uses his goggle microscope and discovers that the droids have been taken out by a kind of plasma weapons because of carbon bits left on it. Leo inspects the sewers and sees several destroyed droids and finds a piece of shell from Slash to which the scene then switches to Raph and Casey.

He sees Raph and Casey and jumps in front of them. Slash then says he has a new partner. Then, after an explosion, Newtralizer jumps out and starts shooting at the Kraang. Slash explains that they're wiping out the Kraang and then joins the fight as the Newtralizer tips over a van and starts searching for something. Raph says that Casey should stay behind, but he attacks the Newtralizer and he smacks him with his tail, almost resulting with Casey's death.

The Newtralizer finds what they've come for, fills it with plutonium and throws one of the devices to Slash. He defends himself from Raph's attacks and wonders aloud if Raph will betray Casey like he did him. He furiously throws Raph away because he called him Spike and then they teleport away.

In the lair, Raph is furious at Casey for not listening to him as Donnie explains that they can track them since they're using plutonium to power their teleportation devices. Slash and the Newtralizer teleport to a Kraang hideout and the Newtralizer says that after they get info from the communication orb, they'll blow the place. Slash doesn't seem happy because he doesn't want to hurt people nearby. The Newtralizer reminds him how they met: Slash was imprisoned by the Kraang, the Newtralizer took them out, freed Slash and they vowed to destroy the Kraang at any cost.

The Turtles and Casey come to the rooftop by tracing plutonium. Raph wants Casey to stay behind, but he refuses. While Slash is trashing the Kraang, the Newtralizer connects himself on the Kraang communication orb to find out the Kraang's next plan. When the Turtles attacked, Donnie was able to get Spy-Roach on top of Slash before he got knocked off. Then Casey starts shooting hockey pucks at Slash, making him angry. Slash smacks him and uses teleportation to knock off Raph from behind. The Newtralizer throws a disc-bomb and they teleport away.

The Turtles and Casey run for their life. Casey gets stuck with his sticks and Raph saves him from falling debris. Raph and Casey argue and Casey leaves. On a rooftop, Donnie explains that they'll listen to their conversation and find out what they're up to. The Newtralizer says that the Kraang will test new weapons at the dock at midnight, and with it, they could wipe out the Kraang and the entire city. Slash doesn't agree, but the Newtralizer says he'll do it only if it comes to it.

At the docks, the Turtles see that the Kraang are bringing out the new weapon through a portal. It blasts at a container and they are happy with its effectiveness. Slash and the Newtralizer arrive and he explains the plan: Slash will distract the Kraang while the Newtralizer will take over the new robot. As Leo is about to say the plan, the Newtralizer teleports on top of the robot. However, he's zapped by a weapon and falls off. The Turtles join the fight and Donnie tries to throw a grenade which gets blasted. The Newtralizer disables the robot's defensive system and begins to control it. As he's about to squash Slash, Raph knocks him out of the way. Slash teleports on top of the robot and infuses the Newtralizer with the robot. Raph throws a shuriken on the Newtralizer's teleporter. When they fall off, Casey shows up with puck-bombs and starts blasting the Newtralizer. Mikey tries to subdue him with his chain, but he fails. 

Casey shoots another puck-bomb in an opening on the side and it blows up the power crystal. As the robot is about to collapse, the Newtralizer has trouble teleporting. When it blows up, the Turtles, except Raph, and Casey celebrate. Raph invites Slash in the team, but he refuses. They say their greetings and he teleports away. Casey tries to cheer up Raph and he says that he did good. They go home, but then the damaged teleporter starts and the Newtralizer teleports outside, infused with energy.  


Raphael: Move it, Casey!

Casey: You think I'm on a midnight stroll?!

Michelanglo: HA! I know EXACTLY who's behind this!

Raphael: You better not say squirrels with lasers again!

Raphael: Face it, Casey. Street thugs and robo-ninjas are one thing. But alien threats from other dimensions are a whole different ball game.

Casey: I took on a giant space worm single handedly!

Raphael: Yeah. You were singlehandedly EATEN by it.

Casey: Have you ever fought living intestines!? I don't think so!

Raphael: Spike?

Casey: Whoa! Is that your old pet turtle? The one that mutated?

Raphael: Yeah, his name was... Spike.

Slash: It's Slash now, remember? Good to see you again, Raphael. Miss me?

Raphael: What are you doing here, Slash?

Slash: We're taking care of the Kraang. I've got a new partner, now.

-an explosion is seen, then the Newtralizer suddenly appears-

Newtralizer: Destruction to the Kraang!

Casey: Trust me. I may not have ninja training, but I'VE achieved a level of awesome attainable only by Casey Jones! It's mystical.

Michelangelo: -imitating Kraang- The Kraang is getting their Kraangs handed to them by those who are not Kraang!

Casey: Who's that?

Raphael: An alien psycho called the Newtralizer! What are you guys doing, Slash?!

Slash: What you turtles couldn't. Wiping out the Kraang. Keep out of the way!

Slash: Let's do this.

Newtralizer: First we find Kraang communications, and then we blow this place to Rakka, rakka, rakka, rakka!

Slash: Blow this place? Too dangerous. What about the humans outside on the streets?

Newtralizer: Remember the day we met? The vow.

Slash: I owe you one. The name's Slash.

-Newtralizer just makes a bunch of weird noises-

Slash: I can't understand you!

-Newtralizer is seen trying to translate the device on his left armored bracelet. However, he keeps getting wrong noises as he is heard making grunts, hisses, roars, etc. He bangs on his translator as Slash looks puzzled. Newtralizer then finally gets the correct language-

Newtralizer: I had to help you. These are the most insidious aliens in the 10 dimensions. They imprisoned me, they tortured me. I have made a vow: never to rest until I annihilate all of them.

Slash: I'm with you, brother. Destroy the Kraang...

-He shakes hands with the mutant/alien newt-

Slash: ... at any cost!

-Flashback ends-

Newtralizer: At any cost. Right, brother?

-Slash nods-

Leonardo: You think this is the place?

-Kraang-droid gets tossed through the window-

Michelangelo: Either that, or there's one bangin' party going on!

Michelangelo: Woah. It's the Newtralizer. I totally named that guy!

Donatello: Actually, I named him.

Michelangelo: -mocking- 'Actually, I named him.'

Slash: Eager for another beat down, Donatello?

Michelangelo: Not cool, Raph! People have feelings, dude! Real, squishy, feelings!

Raphael: Well, I'm not people!

Donatello: While I was wrestling with Slash, I slipped a spy-roach on him. We'll be able to hear everything they say on my T-Phone! I know, awesome right? I'm smart.

Raphael: Nice. And here I thought you were just getting beat up.

Donatello: Yeah, well, uh… I was multitasking.

Newtralizer: We can destroy this whole stinking city.

Slash: And every innocent human with it! Are you crazy?! I'm here to take out Kraang! Not people!

Newtralizer: Why should I care? I'm not people.

Michelangelo: Hm… Sounds oddly familiar.

Kraang-droid: Kraang! Watch out for Kraang! Stupid Kraang.

Raphael: -when the Newtralizer carelessly almost crushes Slash- SPIKE!

-He grabs Slash as they both nearly get crushed by the Kraang-Walker-

Slash: You... you saved me, Raphael.

-Newtralizer begins to shoot electricity at the Turtles-

Newtralizer: -Laughs- I'll destroy you all!

-Slash teleports to the Kraang-Walker-

Newtralizer: Rakka, rakka, rakka, rakka!

Slash: What are you doing?! They helped us fight the Kraang!

Newtralizer: This is my battle! I don't need them!

-Slash becomes enraged as he traps Newtralizer's tail. The mutant fire belly newt tries to get his tail loose, but is stuck-

Newtralizer: Slash! How could you, brother?!

Slash: You're no brother of mine!


Raphael: Casey?! You're back?!

Casey: I figured I'd wait for you all to be in trouble and I'd make an awesome heroic entrance. Pretty cool, right?

Raphael: Thanks, Spike. I mean. Slash. You know, there's room on this team for one more.

Slash: -smiles- I need to go my own way, Raphael. Think I'm better off solo.

-Raphael becomes sad-

Slash: -shakes Raph's hand- Goodbye, brother. -turns to Casey and the other Turtles- I'll see you all again... someday.

-he teleports away-

Raphael: Goodbye... Spike.

Casey: Don't sweat it, Raph. You still got Casey Jones on your team.

Raphael: You did awesome, Casey. Best partner a turtle could ever have.

Leonardo: It's been a long day, guys. Let's go home.

-everyone leaves as the damaged teleporter next to the destroyed piles of the Kraang-Walker suddenly operates itself! Then, Newtralizer reappears, infused with energy as if he has become stronger!-

Newtralizer: RAKKA, RAKKA, RAKKA!!

-After the Kraang Walker destroys a container- Kraang Droid: That is what is known as awesome!





  • In one scene when Slash is talking to the Newtralizer, one can see Michelangelo and Donatello's masks still tied to Slash's arm. This was only a temporary addition to Slash's appearance in "Slash and Destroy".


  • ​When Casey and Raph landed from the rooftop to go after the Kraang before Slash shows up, the shop behind them is named "Cowabunga", a reference to the classic 1987 series catchphrase.
  • There are many Star Wars references in this episode:
    • The Kraang's new weapons schematics are show in a holographic like manner similar the Death Star plans from Episode IV.
    • The Kraang's new bipedal mobile weapon feet are similar to both Star Wars Episode V Imperial AT-ST and AT-AT walkers and end up smashing Krang soldiers with a similar fate to Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder.
    • The Newtralizer getting shocked so much is the same way Jawas used to capture R2-D2 in Star Wars Episode IV.
    • Donatello throws a baseball with explosives very similar to Luke's training drone from Star Wars Episode IV.
    • In the same sequence, Donatello says, "Here goes nothing!", a quote from Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Episode VI.
    • Casey Jones shoots a bomb-puck into the Krang's bipedal mobile weapon small ventilation port just like Luke Skywalker used phonton torpedoes to hit a small ventilation port on the Death Star in the end of Star Wars Episode IV.
    • The Newtralizer's end stance is much like Darth Vader's after coming out of the Emperor's reconstruction pod in the end of Star Wars Episode III.
  • The snake game Mikey was playing in Donnie's computer have similar eating and dying sounds to the original Pac-Man arcade game.
  • The Newtralizer's pose at the end of the episode, especially it's illustrated freeze frame, depicts the teleportation/disintegration effect as Kirby Krackle, the distinct way Jack Kirby would draw energy effects using dots and negative space.



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