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The New York Fire Department make several appearances during the early seasons of the 2012 TV series, having to deal with the aftermath of many of the Ninja Turtles' battles with the Kraang and the Foot Clan alongside the New York Police Department. They are unable to do much against the Kraang or Triceratons, with the latter's ending with the destruction of Earth. However, thanks to the Fugitoid turning back time six months, the FDNY are able to continue their duties with saving lives and property while the Turtles are able to destroy the Heart of Darkness forever thanks to the Fugitoid's sacrifice and return to defend New York City themselves.

As Karai begins her war against Shredder, the FDNY are called to many of the places Karai destroys as she tears down Shredder's criminal empire, including a temple that was the front for a money laundering operation that was set ablaze, and Auman Chemicals after Karai and the Turtles destroy the factory providing Footbots and Elite Footbots for Shredder's army, turning the factory into a raging inferno.

Later on, they respond to a fire in the Bronx at the home of the Mighty Mutanimals, arriving to find Karai and Shinigami there, with Karai in immediate need of medical attention after nearly being killed by the Super Shredder and being resuscitated by Leonardo.

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