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Rocksteady lunges at Mikey with his sledgehammer Juniper. Mikey asks why they're even fighting the duo and Raph tells him they don't really have a choice. Bebop says they do have a choice, and Rocksteady says the Turtles could just lay down and accept defeat, right before he punches a car through the air straight at Mikey. Luckily, Slash steps in and deflects the car, but becomes injured in the process. Hob, incensed, commands his crew to retaliate and Herman launches a missile at Bebop and Rocksteady, knocking the two into a wall. Leo, seizing the opportunity, attacks with his katanas, but Bebop and Rocksteady are unfazed. Rocksteady kicks Leo aside and Bebop throws a large piece of rubble at Splinter, so that Raph has to dive and push him out of the way.

Meanwhile, at Second Time Around, John O'Neil is overjoyed at having made some progress in fixing a broken toaster with some help from Casey. John thanks Casey and then levels with him, saying he knows Casey's been going through a rough patch and he's worried how that may affect April. Casey says he'd never let anything going on in his life harm April. John tells Casey about how despite the handicap caused by his stroke, he never gave up, he always acknowledged that he still had something to offer. Casey offers to work at the store and provide some security since the store is in a bad neighborhood. John accepts, saying that although they won't be able to pay him until the store starts making money they can provide room and board.

Back in the alley, Mikey tries to get Juniper away from Rocksteady but Rocksteady simply slings Mikey into Leo and the two Turtles collapse. Rocksteady and Raph prepare to square off when Alopex leaps on Rocksteady, slashing him in the face. Rocksteady freaks out because he's afraid he'll get rabies so Bebop rushes with his chainsaw Roberta to get Alopex off him, but Nobody blows up Roberta with the exo-suit's laser. Nobody shoots a grappling line and grabs Bebop by his nose ring, yanks him forward, and hits him with the exo-suit's taser. Unfortunately Bebop is able to shake it off and he punches Nobody several blocks away. Luckily, she breaks her fall with the exo-suit's anti-gravity gauntlets. Raph asks Alopex what she's doing there and she says she came to rescue them, but then Rocksteady throws the two of them onto the roof of a nearby building, where the two become trapped in the wreckage of a pigeon coop they landed on. Herman shoots Bebop and Rocksteady with his machine gun but the bullets have little effect and they retaliate, Bebop ripping the machine gun off of Herman's dumpster shell. Herman, undeterred, grabs the two by their necks with his pincers and slams their heads together. Hob rushes in to help, but Splinter tells Mondo to hold back. Splinter tells him that a direct assault will likely prove ineffective, so they must use a more strategic approach. 

On the rooftop, Raph and Alopex struggle to free themselves from the twisted chicken wire of the pigeon coop. Raph loses his temper at being stuck, but Alopex calms him down. Raph apologizes for losing his cool, both in their current situation and back at April's parents' house in Northampton (Northampton, part 3). Alopex forgives him and Raph tells her she's always got a home with him and his family. Just then Pete appears, who was hiding in the pigeon coop which used to be his old home. 

Down below, Rocksteady is about to punch Hob into oblivion when Splinter tells him to stop. Splinter leaps forward and hits Rocksteady in the throat with his walking stick and then Bebop in the face as well. Splinter lands several more precise hits while Mondo looks on from the top of a nearby utility pole. Rocksteady throws Herman in his dumpster at Splinter but Splinter dodges it. Mondo puts the other part of their plan into effect and cuts the power line from the utility pole he'd climbed and throws it down into the puddle Splinter had lured Bebop and Rocksteady into, frying the two until they collapse. Raph and Alopex come down from the roof, after getting free with Pete's help (Raph begs Alopex not to tell his brothers about how they escaped) and Angel arrives as well, noting to herself that she should tell Harold to install a jetpack on the exo-suit. Mikey helps Slash up, while Hob sees to Herman, and Splinter and Mondo congratulate each other on their teamwork. Hob and Splinter shake hands to celebrate their victory when Bebop and Rocksteady rise and tell the group they're not done yet. Hob tells Herman to attack and Herman launches a barrage of missles which hit the condemned building behind the two. Bebop and Rocksteady tell Herman that he missed when the building comes crashing down on top of them. Hob commends Alopex on her skills and offers her a place in his army but she declines, saying she's had enough experience with armies for a lifetime. Alopex asks Angel if she needs a partner to help her clean up the streets and Angel gladly accepts. Splinter says that after the events of the night, they will have to enact their plan to take out Shredder quickly, as he will now be aware of their return to New York. Hob tells him that whatever their plan is, he's in to help them. Pete apologizes to Hob for tipping off Bebop and Rocksteady but Hob forgives him, telling him his heart was in the right place. 

After the group departs, Bebop and Rocksteady emerge from the wreckage of the condemned building. Rocksteady says he hates when buildings fall on top of them (which happened twice in the Bebop & Rocksteady one-shot issue). Since things didn't turn out as they'd planned, they decide not to tell Karai about what transpired that night. 

At Foot Clan headquarters, the Shredder, surrounded by Karai, Koya, Bludgeon, the Foot Elite Guard and a contingent of Foot Ninja, speaks to Metalhead. Metalhead tells the Shredder that he needs the Shredder's help against General Krang. The Shredder asks what Metalhead knows of General Krang. Back at Harold's lab, Donnie is controlling Metalhead by remote and tells the Shredder that he knows that the fate of the world depends on the Foot Clan.





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