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Mutants new and old make for a combustible mix! The Turtles are stuck in the middle of an unfolding brawl that could affect mutantkind forever! Will Hob’s army be destroyed before it even begins? Alopex, Nobody, Pigeon Pete...who will be the victor?


Major Characters

Secondary Characters


Bebop and Rocksteady are walking down the street while discussing the merits of taking the initiative to follow up on Pigeon Pete's offer to join Hob's gang without telling Karai. Rocksteady recalls how mad Karai was when Koya failed to kill the Turtles in Northampton. A homeless man asks Bebop and Rocksteady for spare change but he quickly rescinds his request when he lays eyes on the two. The pair concludes that they can find out if Pigeon Pete was telling the truth about the Turtles being back without letting Karai know, and simply kill him if it turns out he was lying. Their plans finalized, they smash open an ATM to grab some cash to buy some breakfast with. Unbeknownst to them, Alopex watches from the rooftops. 

In the Turtles' church lair, Mikey is cooking scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast while Raph works out. Leo comes in and asks if either of them have seen Donnie; Raph tells him he saw Donnie leave for Harold's lab right after waking up. Splinter comes in and says that they cannot wait for Donnie, and that he respects his decision to focus on Krang and the Technodrome even if he doesn't agree with it. Splinter informs them that he has arranged another meeting with Hob and his gang that evening. 

At the lab, Harold berates Angel for not being more careful during her last excursion with the exo-suit, but Angel is more concerned with figuring out who it was that saved her from the thug with a gun. Don arrives and when he sees that Harold and Angel are busy repairing Metalhead and upgrading the exo-suit he loses his temper, blowing up at Harold and reminding him of the imminent threat that the Technodrome poses. Harold storms off. Angel excuses herself to check on her dad and on her way out suggests that Donnie cut Harold some slack, as he's been doing his best to work on all the projects simultaneously. Donnie apologizes to Harold and shows him a message he recently received from Professor Zayton Honeycutt, a.k.a. the Fugitoid. Honeycutt told Donnie that something had happened during Krang's last journey off Burnow Island (see New Mutant Order, part 1), prompting him to speed up the work on the Technodrome. Harold informs Donnie that he's nearly completed the framework of the teleporter and has begun coding the software, although he admits that there is a small margin of error in his translation of Honeycutt's notes. Don leaves Harold to keep working on the teleporter while he makes some repairs to Metalhead.

At The Second Time Around Shop, April's father John O'Neil gets angry over a malfunctioning coffee maker. April's mother, Elizabeth O'Neil, urges him to calm down. Casey walks in and greets the two, having slept for quite a while. Casey asks if April has already left for school and Beth tells him she had indeed, as he had classes all day and then planned on helping Donatello do some work. Beth asks Casey if she should be more concerned about the fact that her daughter is hanging out with mutants, but Casey assures her its nothing to worry about. Beth sympathizes with Casey about the situation between him and his dad, the Hun, and tells him he deserves better. Casey thanks her and goes over to help John with the coffee machine. Casey shows him that the problem is just a faulty fuse. John thanks him and asks him to help him make some other repairs around the store.

Angel leaves the Skara Brae after checking in on her dad. As Angel walks off, Alopex approaches her and asks for help in preventing Bebop and Rocksteady from ambushing the Turtles, telling Angel that it was she who had rescued her the previous night. Angel tells her that the Turtles are her family and she would do anything to help them, but warns Alopex that she better be telling the truth. Alopex tells Angel to get the suit and meet her later. 

That night, Splinter, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo meet with Old Hob, Slash, Mondo Gecko, and Herman. Splinter tells Hob that they've decided to strike against Oroku Saki. Hob and his gang say they're ready. Hob is just telling Splinter that Lindsey has perfected the science behind mutation and that as soon as Pigeon Pete returns with more animals to mutate they can expand their army further when Pigeon Pete arrives with Bebop and Rocksteady in tow. Hob pounces on Pete, asking him why he thought it'd be a good idea to bring them back with him. Pete explains that he thought Hob needed new mutants so he brought new mutants, instead of animals to mutate as Hob had asked him. Bebop and Rocksteady are readying themselves to square off against Splinter and the Turtles when Hob shoots his gun in the air to get their attention. Hob asks Bebop and Rocksteady why they should be content as grunts in the Foot Clan, when they could be part of his growing mutant army and destroy all humans. Rocksteady excitedly agrees before realizing what Hob said about exterminating all human life, exclaiming that he and Bebop are half human. Hob, realizing that the two of them are human-born mutant hybrids, shoots them and his crew readies themselves to finish the job. Bebop and Rocksteady call Hob prejudiced and draw their weapons. Hob, Slash, Mondo, and Herman attack, but Bebop and Rocksteady are formidable opponents. Leo asks Splinter if they should join in and Splinter says they are honor bound to do so, just as Nobody and Alopex arrive.

Back at the lab, Harold sees Nobody arrive at the chaotic brawl between mutants. April looks on nervously as Harold asks Donnie if he's going to leave to help his family. Donnie says he's not because he has more important things to do, as he nears finishing the repairs on Metalhead.





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