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Splinter and the Turtles return to their home in the basement of the old church after making a patrol run. Donatello comments that Splinter's leg seems to be fully healed, and Splinter counters that it was all thanks to Donnie's medical treatment. 

Entering their home, Splinter and the Turtles are shocked to see Slash sitting on their couch. Raphael is mad and Leonardo is curious as to what Slash was doing in the dark. Slash says he was meditating while he waited for them to return and apologizes for intruding and scaring them. Donnie is curious how Slash got in without setting off any of the alarms. Michelangelo asks Slash why he's there and Slash tells them that Old Hob wanted to invite Splinter to see something. Raph guesses that it's more new mutants created by Hob and Lindsey Baker, the former StockGen employee, but Slash says he can't comment, just that Hob says its time for Splinter to make good on his promise. Leo thanks Slash for delivering the message and says that they'll all be there soon after a family meeting. 

As Mikey walks Slash out through the sewer exit, he asks Slash how he's been doing since receiving the psychotropic injection. Slash says he feels great and is finally seeing things clearly, with no noticeable side effects so far. Slash says its good to finally be on the side of the heroes. 

Across town, Angel Bridge is wearing the Nobody exo-suit and using its weapons to take down a gang of punks. The whole time she's doing so she bickers back and forth with "Kirbyfan" (Harold Lillja's chosen call sign during Angel's missions as "Nobody") over the radio, who's studying the data readouts while the exo-suit is in action. Kirbyfan tells Nobody to finish up and bring the suit back so he can run some diagnostics. Nobody, thinking she's disposed of all the thugs, turns to walk away, not knowing that one of the thugs is getting up and drawing his gun. Kirbyfan sees the gang member approaching in the exo-suit's camera feed and warns Nobody, but before she can do anything a mysterious figure knocks the gun out of the thug's hand and knocks him unconscious. Nobody is confused and curious about who saved her but Kirbyfan urges her to hurry back. Standing on a rooftop ledge high above, Alopex watches Nobody leave, having just saved her from the assailant. 

Back at the church lair, Donnie greets Mikey as he returns from seeing Slash out. Donnie is angry that Splinter agreed to not only steal mutagen for Hob but also to ally themselves with his new mutant army. Splinter argues that they cannot afford to refuse allies in their fight against Shredder. Donnie says that they should prioritize and focus on taking down Krang and the Technodrome and he asks his brothers to see reason. Leo says that they can't afford to ignore either situation, and Raph says that even though he hates Hob, they can't turn down help. Splinter attempts to reassure Donnie that they are not ignoring the Technodrome problem, but Donnie has had enough and storms out, telling the rest of them that while they're worried about what amounts to little more than a grudge and a turf war, he's trying to save the world.

At this point Mikey speaks up, saying that Don is right: It doesn't make sense for them to focus on taking down the Shredder when they're not crime fighters and Shredder is essentially nothing more than a criminal (albeit an incredibly lethal, immortal, international criminal). Mikey points out that even though they're not vigilantes, they are "good guys," and that means they should be focused on the big picture, which is saving Earth, not settling personal vendettas. Splinter says that before they can even hope to save Earth from the interdimensional threat, they have to protect themselves from Shredder's sworn vengeance. Leo says he'll go talk to Donnie to try and find some middle ground while Splinter, Raph, and Mikey go see what Hob wants and what he can offer them in return. 

Meanwhile, April O'Neil is arriving at Second Time Around, her parents' old antique shop, where they were tending to Casey Jones' latest injuries. April is ecstatic to see her parents again, especially since her father John O'Neil's health has been restored thanks to the healing properties of the ooze. Before catching up with her parents any further, April excuses herself to speak to Casey. April marches straight up to Casey and punches him in the shoulder to express her frustration with him. She asks Casey if he remembers the state her dad was in the last time they saw him, and how Casey told her that he'd have her back with whatever she decided to do. She said that it was a miracle that healed her dad, but that there is no more of the ooze to heal Casey if he got seriously hurt again. April pleads with Casey to change the path he's on, and lets him know that she'll have his back no matter what. Casey tells her that he's worried because he knows he isn't cut out for college, but she tells him that there are countless other things he could do that he'd be good at, that wouldn't put his life in danger. 

Elsewhere, Splinter, Raph and Mikey meet with Hob, Slash, and Lindsey in a back alleyway. Hob asks where Leo and Donnie are but Raph tells him its none of his business and asks Hob why he called them there. Hob raises his hands and asks them if they can see why. Splinter, Raph and Mikey are not amused and ask Hob what gives. Hob then launches into a speech about how long humans have been around, polluting the Earth and terrorizing animals, and how although mutants have only been around a little while, mutants originated from animals, who have existed on Earth for far longer than humans, and now is the time for them to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Hob then introduces the group to the two newest soldiers in his mutant army, who were hiding in plain sight in the alley the whole time: Herman the Hermit Crab and Mondo Gecko. Splinter is fascinated and Mikey compliments Mondo on his custom skateboard. Lindsey explains that she was able to combine the psychotropic serum with the mutagen, leading to much more successful mutations (as opposed to neurologically-challenged Pigeon Pete). Hob explains in simpler terms that she mixed the mind-enhancing serum isolated from Splinter's blood with the mutagen procured from StockGen and injected it into some stolen pet store animals, as no one there understood Lindsey's scientific jargon except Slash. 

Just then Leo arrives, having finished speaking with Donnie about where their focus should lie. Herman and Mondo spring into action, not knowing who Leo is. They quickly flank him and reveal that they're carrying a formidable amount of firepower, Mondo with a shotgun on the underside of his skateboard and Herman with a number of guns hidden inside his dumpster shell. Hob quickly tells the two to stand down because Leo is on their side. Raph asks Leo where Donnie is but Leo says he'll tell him later. Raph admits to Hob that his two new recruits are pretty impressive, then asks where Pete is, and Lindsey tells him they sent him to retrieve more specimens. 

Pete, in another alley, is explaining that he's part of a mutant army that's going to take over the world. Pete says that they've already got him, a kitty, a crab, a lizard, and one turtle on their side, and they're about to recruit four more turtles and a rat. Pete then asks if who he's speaking to would be interested in joining their cause. The individuals in question are revealed to be none other than Bebop and Rocksteady, who say they want in.





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