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[Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.]

"You've called this meeting and now you're here, so let's not waste time with inane pleasantries or pretending we don't already know each other..."

Krang "...Oroku Saki."

Shredder "So, you remember me... Iron Demon?"

Krang "I remember all things..."

Krang "...Some more than others, even when 300 years separates us from our last meeting—a term I use loosely, by the way."

Shredder "Indeed."

Krang "So, now that we've gotten the who out of the way, let's get on with the why. International waters grant us only so much privacy."

Krang "The sooner we finish this business, the better."

Shredder "Agreed, General."

Shredder "And a business proposal is precisely what I am here to discuss."

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Krang "I'm curious—what could you possibly have to offer me?"

Shredder "Not something I have, General, but the protection of something that currently belongs to you."

Krang "And what might that be?"

Shredder "Burnow Island."

Krang "Ha"

Krang "Ha"

Krang "Ha"

Krang "Ha!"

Krang "You would actually call a meeting on my ship. Take up my valuable time just to talk about my property?"

Krang "There's gall and then there's damned gall."

Krang "I don't know if I should toss you overboard or shake your hand."

Krang "Still, I'll allow you the chance to explain yourself—strictly for my own amusement."

Krang "But any of your ninja trickery and you'll find how short my patience can be, Shredder."

Shredder "I assure you, General, there will be no tricks..."

Page 3

"...I wish only to talk."

Kitsune "Alopex..."

Kitsune "...Alopex... Here..."

Kitsune "...Behind you."

Alopex "Kitsune!"

Alopex "Grrrr..."

Kitsune "Be at ease, child..."

Kitsune "...I will not harm you."

Alopex "What do you want, then?"

Kitsune "Only for you to listen, Alopex. For you to heed my words."

Page 4

Kitsune "I have already told you—a fox must know when to watch... And when to act. The time has come for the latter."

Alopex "Act? How can you say that? I did act... Against Shredder. And now..."

Alopex "...Now I'm alone."

Kitsune "Yet you need not be, child. You have acted, it is true, but the game is still afoot."

Kitsune "The players continue to gather..."

Kitsune "...And you are needed at home."

Alopex "Home?"

Kitsune "Yes, child. You will not remember this talk..."

Kitsune "...Only that you must return to me."

Alopex "Huh?"

Alopex "What the...?"

Alopex "That was weird."

"Kitsune—that was the witch's name, wasn't it?"

Page 5

Krang "You two were thick as thieves last time I saw you."

Shredder "Kitsune indeed remains by my side, though obviously not at present."

Shredder "I felt by coming alone, I might reassure you that I harbor no malicious intent."

Krang "You know, that's funny..."

"...Because I don't recall Kitsune being the one who ambushed me."

Krang "So you'll have to excuse me if I'm less than convinced of your sincerity."

Shredder "Yes, well, that is understandable considering the circumstances of our last meeting. But I was protecting the best interests of my clan and my actions against you were never of a personal nature."

Shredder "Besides, that was a different age and much has changed since then. We are living in an entirely different world now... A world I fully intend to rule in due time."

Shredder "When I do, I will need strong and capable allies standing at my side."

Shredder "And that is the business I have come to discuss, General Krang."

Page 6

Shredder "I have received intelligence that you are developing new and exciting technologies."

"I will not go into specific details as to how I obtained it."

"Suffice it to say, however, my sources are extremely reliable."

"And although I have been able to successfully utilize much of the information—"

"—I believe there remains much to be gained by both of us should we compare our knowledge and, more importantly, our resources."

Page 7

Krang "Ah, so we come to it, then—what you're really after..."

Krang "...My ooze."

"Needless to say, it's something I keep under rigid control these days after losing some to your ''intelligence''-gathering efforts."

"And if you for one second believe I don't know exactly how you 'obtained' it, Shredder..."

"...You're dead wrong."

"Just as you're wasting your time thinking that more ooze will help you at all."

"Events are in motion that make your petty dictatorial ambitions moot. Soon Earth will fall and New Utrominon will rise..."

Page 8

Krang "...With me as its sole ruler."

Shredder "You... You actually believe you can rule this world?"

Shredder "Now who deals in gall?"

Shredder "You must realize, this planet will never accept you, an alien, as its leader..."

Shredder "...No matter what your grand plan for conquest my be."

Krang "Really, Shredder—do you think that makes any difference to me?"

Krang "I've got the technology and power to annihilate any armies this backward little planet dares to send my way."

Shredder "Oh, there is no denying your power, and you may dominate for a time, but humanity will fight you every step of the way."

Shredder "Unless, of course, you are allied with the Foot."

Page 9

Shredder "We will offer humanity a leadership they will respect and understand... And we can provide the protection your people will require in the new world."

Krang "Protection? Ha! As if I would ever require protect from you, who only sits in front of me today because my ooze has kept you alive."

Shredder "That is true—I will not deny it. You have helped me survive and now I wish to return the favor."

Shredder "We need not fight each other any longer, General."

Shredder "Instead, it is in both our best interests to forgive past trespasses, join our technologies and our numbers, and move forward together to become the most formidable force Earth has ever known."

Krang "Hm. You've certainly sold yourself on your little delusion, Shredder, haven't you?"

Krang "As for me—this is where my patience reaches its end, I'm afraid."

Krang "Now pay close attention—there will be no alliance, no partnership... No forgiveness for past sins. There will only be New Utrominon and I will own its throne."

Krang "And as for your little human uprising, you can forget that, too, Shredder, because there will be no humans, either. I plan to kill them all..."

Page 10

Krang "...Starting with you!"

Page 11

Granitor "Is he dead, General?"

Krang "Dead enough. Take his body—I could use a new suit."

Tragg "What about these two, sir?"

Krang "Send them to join their dear departed leader, Captain Tragg."

Shredder (Foot Ninja) "No need, General."

Krang "Saki?"

Krang "But... How?"

Shredder "Tricky ninja... Remember?"



Page 12


Krang "Saki! He's escaping!"

Other Foot Ninja "Master, run—errggk!"


Shredder "Pilot, ready the helicopter..."

Pilot >As you command, Master.<

Shredder "...We are leaving now!"

Krang "Get up, you stone-headed imbeciles!"

Krang "This isn't over yet."


Page 13

Krang "Did you really think you were going to escape, Shredder? You never even had a chance."

Krang "As you pathetic Earthlings would say, you should never bring a knife..."

Krang "...To a gunfight."

Krang "Your helo's gone, your men are dead, and you're not going anywhere now, which means I can take my time with you, and, trust me, I will... And you'll learn what suffering truly is."

Shredder "Really, General, you of all people show know..."

Shredder "...Every good tactician retains options in battle."

Shredder "Contingency plans to turn failure into success."

Shredder "Prepare to meet mine."

Page 14

Shredder "Bludgeon..."


Bludgeon "Graagh!"

Shredder "...Koya..."

Koya "Skreee"

Shredder "...Come to me."

Page 15

Krang "Tragg!"

Koya "Skree"


Bludgeon "Uff!"

Krang "Granitor!"

Krang "Take care of those filthy abominations."

Krang "I've got an insect to crush."

Page 16

Shredder "Come then, General—it appears we have business yet."

Krang "You're dead, Saki."

Shredder "Yes, well..."


Shredder "...It would not be the first time!"

Page 17

Granitor "Captain Tragg! We really gonna leave the General on his own?"

Tragg "His orders, Granitor, not mine. Anyway..."

"...We got our own problems."

Koya "Rip them to shreds, Bludgeon!"

Bludgeon "Yes, Koya. There will be no mercy!"


Krang "First you send that wench to wreak havoc on my island."


Krang "Then you have the audacity to attack me on my own ship!"

Krang "Never again!"


Page 18

Shredder "{Koff}"

Shredder "You are mistaken, Krang. It was you who attacked me."

Krang "Raggh!"

Shredder "And as for my granddaughter..."


Krang "Gah!"

Shredder "...Unlike the incompetent cronies you surround yourself with..."

Shredder "...She is fully capable of acting on her own."

Krang "Graggh!"

Page 19

Tragg "It's just us now, Sergeant!"

Bludgeon "Not for long."

Granitor "Grgkk..."


Bludgeon "Gyah!"

Bludgeon "You will pay for that!"

Granitor "Huff... Huff... Oh... Huff..."

Granitor "...Oh, no."

Granitor "Captain Tragg!"

Granitor "The ship..."

Granitor "...It's sinking!"

Bludgeon "Sinking? No..."

Page 20

"...The Master!"

Krang "You will not leave here alive, Shredder!"

Krang "I will destroy you! All of you!"



Shredder "Well, General, I suppose that depends..."

Shredder "...On how quickly you can shoot."


Shredder "Guff!"

Shredder "Koya?! What—"

Koya "I am sorry, Master..."

Page 21

"...But this battle is through!"

Tragg "Forget him, Granitor! Unless you want to find out what it's like to swim in these bodies..."

"...We've got to get to the General and off this boat!"

Krang "No!"

Krang "No!"

Krang "Nooooo!"

Tragg "Sir! Sir! We've got to go! The ship is history!"

Krang "Kill him! I want to kill him!"

Granitor "Burnow Command, this is Granitor. Engage emergency teleportation, over!"

>For the entire crew?!<

Granitor "No, Burnow..."

"...Only three."

>Roger that. Three for teleportation.<

Krang "Shredder! Damn you!"


Page 22

Koya "Master—I hope I didn't harm you when I pulled you from the ship. It was just—"

Shredder "You did what was necessary, Koya—I will never fault my soldiers for taking initiative."

Bludgeon "Does thiat mean we're at war with General Krang now, Master?"

Shredder "Yes, Bludgeon."

Shredder "In truth..."

"...We always were."

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