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The scene opens in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with Oroku Saki and Krang meeting on Krang's ship. Krang is impatient and asks Saki why he has arranged this meeting. Krang states that he has not forgotten their last meeting (seen in The Secret History of the Foot Clan #4) some 300 years earlier. The two sit down to discuss business and Krang asks Saki what it is he is offering that he expects to be of any value to Krang—protection for Burnow Island. Krang laughs heartily at Saki's nerve but allows him to explain his proposition. 

Meanwhile, Alopex is hunting a rabbit in the woods. Just before she can pounce, however, Kitsune appears before her and tells Alopex to return to New York City. Kitsune disappears, leaving with Alopex with no memory of the occurrence, only the urge to return to New York. 

Back on Krang's ship, Oroku Saki tells Krang that he came without his advisor Kitsune so as to demonstrate his good intentions. Saki elaborates further, stating that the nature of their last encounter was not personal, he had simply been acting in the best interest of his clan. Saki informs Krang that he is aware of the new technologies Krang has developed for use in his ongoing military campaign (such as the ooze and the substances derived from it, as revealed to him by his StockGen informant Chet Allen and secret reconnaissance carried out by Oroku Karai), and that although he has already successfully used some of these technologies, he reasons that it would be mutually beneficial if the two of them pooled their knowledge and resources. Krang, already very aware that Saki orchestrated the theft of some ooze from the laboratory on Burnow Island, tells Saki he is wasting his time, as soon Krang's efforts will make the ooze technology obsolete (specifically the Technodrome with which he plans to terraform the Earth). Saki tells Krang that he is a fool if he believes he could ever rule Earth, because humanity would fight it every step of the way, unless he was allied with the Foot. Saki proposes that he and his clan could provide the face of Krang's empire, something familiar that they would understand, as well as protection for Krang and the rest of the Utroms. Krang states that he would never need protection from Saki, who Krang points out is only alive thanks to his ooze. Saki cites this as proof that an alliance would be beneficial, their combined strength ensuring their dominance, but at this point Krang loses his patience.

Krang tells Saki that there will be no alliance and no forgiveness for past transgressions, and Saki's forces would not be needed as Krang plans to exterminate all human life when he transforms Earth into New Utrominon. Krang then punches Saki straight through the chest, stating that he will start with killing him. Krang is in the process of telling Captain Tragg to kill the two Foot Ninja that had accompanied Saki when one of them reveals himself to be the real Saki, and he detonates a bomb hidden in the helmet of his double. Saki uses the explosion to escape to his helicopter, but Krang shoots it with a missile before he can get there, destroying it. Krang tells Saki that since he now has no escape he will take his time killing him, but Saki reveals a trick up his sleeve. At that moment Koya and a hammerhead shark mutant named Bludgeon arrive and attack Krang's men. Krang tasks Tragg and Granitor with taking care of the mutants while he takes care of Saki. Koya and Bludgeon make quick work of the rest of Krang's men while Saki and Krang battle it out. The two are on the verge of killing each other when Koya swoops in and picks up Saki, aware that the boat is about to sink. Krang's men radio in to Burnow Island and are teleported back to safety.

As Saki is flown to safety by Koya, Bludgeon, swimming below, asks, "Does this mean we are at war with General Krang now, master?" to which Saki replies, "In truth, we always were."