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Neutrinos are a race of extra-dimensional humanoid aliens from Dimension X and friends of the Turtles. These characters were invented for the 1987 animated series and first appeared in the episode "Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X".


In the 1987 cartoon series they're easily identified by their diminutive size, pointy ears and crazy hairstyles. They travel by flying craft looking a lot like 1950's and 60's American automobiles.

Contrary to other inhabitants of Dimension X, the Neutrinos hate war. They are very peaceful and very reluctant to violence, an attitude the other inhabitants of the Dimension X at best acknowledge with contempt. Instead, the neutrinos, especially the youth, set to a life full of fun and joy, even though they are quite able to handle firearms in the most extreme emergencies.

In the series' plot, the teenagers Dask, Kala, and Zak were the first Neutrinos shown in the series. They are accidentally transported from the Technodrome's Trans-Dimensional Portal to Earth, where they soon after become friends with the Turtles.

When the first time they meet, the Neutrinos are the ones who tell the Turtles of Krang, that he was the supreme warlord of Dimension X, until he got banished from the dimension, resulting in the loss of his body. After a brief stunt on Earth, the Turtles manage to become friends with the kids and help them go back home and since then they came again and again to help whenever Krang began to threaten them.

Zenter and his wife, Gizzla.

Krang mentions that the Neutrinos are not highly thought of in their home world. This is later revealed that it is on account that Dimension X is a place of total war and Krang has enslaved many inhabitants of Dimension X. Krang forced people to fight and die for him, which the Neutrinos wanted no part of. Kala cries over the fact that Krang dished out severe punishments for people having fun and enjoying themselves. Contrary to other inhabitants of Dimension X, the Neutrinos hate war and refuse to join any army. Although the Neutrinos are against war, they are not complete pacifists, as their vehicles are equipped with weapons that they will use in self-defense; in one episode, Dask says the weapons in the car were apparently required by law in Dimension X.

Princess Tribble as a baby.

The Neutrinos return a few times afterward, and a romantic relationship between Kala and Michelangelo is implied to have developed during those times. In the 1987 series episode "Four Turtles and a Baby", it is revealed the Neutrino royal family: King Zenter, Queen Gizzla and the little Princess Tribble. The Neutrinos have telekinetic powers when they're newborn babies, but eventually they lose those powers during their growth over time .

It should be noted that the neutrinos use American slang from the era of the fifties and sixties in the original English version.


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