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In the IDW continuity, the Neutrino Resistance Fighters (also referred to as the N.R.F.) were the organized rebellion against Krang's rule on Planet Neutrino.

A few years prior to the events of the series, Zayton Honeycutt and his family defected from Krang's service with the help of the N.R.F., whom he assisted by attempting to build an interdimensional portal. However, Honeycutt's work was cut short when the N.R.F. was attacked by Krang, and many members killed or badly injured.

The N.R.F. continued to attack Krang through his dimensional portal without success in the Sins of the Fathers arc. During the months when the now-robot Honeycutt was hiding on Earth, the N.R.F. had also been attempting to locate him. They succeeded in reaching him while he was speaking to his human StockGen coworker April O'Neil, sending Commander Dask and his associates Zak and Kala to bring him home, but the Turtles interpreted their arrival as an attack.

When Krang captured King Zenter and Queen Gizzla, the N.R.F. embarked on a final mission to free their planet from Krang's rule. The Turtles assisted them in both infiltrating the royal palace and in creating a frontal assault that would distract Krang from their rescue efforts. With the help of Professor Honeycutt's E.N.D. missile, they were able to disable Krang's forces and drive him from Neutrino, effectively freeing their planet.

At least some members of the N.R.F., such as Dask, have since been integrated into a formal Neutrino military.

Known members

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