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Ned was a struggling actor who was forced to take a job as a tour guide at The Aquatic MuSEAum. He had an affinity for gangster movies and styled his persona after characters in them. Following a bite from an Oozesquito, he was mutated into an anthropomorphic fish and started going by Gned.

Teaming up with two of his aquarium co-workers who were also mutated in the same incident, Natalie and Gnarly, they became a trio of thieves known as The Silent G's, stealing anything within a radius of their hideout that made excessive noise. After they stole an ice cream truck that Splinter counted on the arrival of, the Ninja Turtles and April O'Neil investigated. Before too long, April realized these scoundrels were former colleagues of hers.

Powers and abilities

  • Mutant fish physiology: Gned has some unspecified attributes outside of physical appearance which he gained after becoming a mutant fish. He has gills, but is able to breathe air.
    • Enhanced hearing: As a result of being part fish, Gned's hearing is incredibly sensitive.
  • Sound dampening: Ned can cease all sound in a radius of himself, as well as turn it back "on". It is unknown to what extent of an area his powers can effect.

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