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Micro-Turtles no Bōken

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Tetsurō Kawabe

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The Nanovampire (ナノバンパイヤ) is an insectoid-shaped virus from Dimension X. Krang put it into a bottle and had Bebop and Rocksteady throw it into the ocean, near where the Ninja Turtles, April, and Splinter were at the beach. Splinter found the bottle and opened it up, and thought it to be empty, but the Nanovampire jumped into his mouth.

April then came over to see how Splinter was doing, and found him unconscious. She called over the Turtles and they took him back to the Turtle Lair. Donatello located the Nanovampire inside Splinter's heart, and Kris Mu showed up to explain that as the Nanovampire sucked away at its victim's life force, he or she would gradually turn to stone over the course of the following five hours. The only course of action would be for the Turtles to Micro mutate with the MutaStones and physically beat the Nanovampire themselves.

Once the Turtles finally made it to the heart, however, they were confronted by Bebop, Rocksteady, and Shredder, who Krang had shrunken down and had a Foot Soldier toss into Splinter's mouth. After the villains Super mutated and trounced the Turtles, the Nanovampire wanted to finish them off, but Shredder yelled at it to keep on task and petrify Splinter.

Fortunately for the Turtles, their foes' Super Mutation had worn off before they could end the fight. The Turtles then Super mutated and fought back, and as the Nanovampire tried to escape, Donatello hit it with a Chō Raikō Hōō-dan, frying it.

Powers and abilities

  • Bloodsucking: The Nanovampire drains blood from its victim from the inside.
    • Petrification: The Nanovampire's victim slowly turns to stone over the course of five hours whilst it feeds.
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