Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.


Nanoturtlebots are a nanobot shaped to resemble the Ninja Turtles in Mirage continuity. They were developed by Glurin to combat Baxter Stockman's nanobots, which were injected into April O'Neil years earlier and had begun attacking her from inside. Using Honeycutt's Mentawave cabinets, the Turtles could control the Nanoturtlebots and destroy Baxter's bots. A Xihad terrorist attack, however, severed the fiber-optic cable connecting the Turtles at Utrom Island and the Nanoturtlebots in April at Kurtzburg Memorial Hospital. Glurin had secretly been monitoring the Turtles' movements and had a program running in the background during the entire ordeal which captured it, allowing them to upload a virtual instance of the movements to the remaining Nanoturtlebots and conquer Baxter's. After most of the Nanoturtlebots sacrificed themselves to destroy the Megananobot, there were only four left - one holding katana, one with a , one with sai, and one with nunchaku.