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Pole weapon

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(なぎなた, 薙刀)


Donatello, Karai Bots, Leonardo, Foot Soldiers, Splinter, Karai, Akemi


2003 series, 2012 series

The Naginata (a kind of Japanese Halberd) is Donatello's weapon of choice in the 2012 TV series.  Unlike the bō staff, it has a sharp blade at the top of it.

It was also used by one of the Karai Bots in the 2003 TV series episode "New Blood" and the video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare. The bots weapon was also used by Leonardo and Donatello in the episode "New Blood", with the latter taking it after his bo staff brakes.

In the 2012 TV series Donatello's staff has a retractable naginata blade on the end, and is one of two turtles that received upgrades to their traditional weapons (the other being Michelangelo's nunchaku). However, unlike Mikey, who uses his new weapon as much as he uses his nunchaku, Donnie rarely uses this, mostly doing so whenever he is fighting robots. Under the blade it has a round holder just like a sword. Some Foot Soldiers also use Naginatas. Splinter and Karai have also used Naginatas.

Naginatas are a recurring accesory in most Ninja Turtles toylines.

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