Mutatin Tokka

The Radical-changin' Reptile!


Accessories - Mutatin' Steel Sea Shell, Pet Food Can, Retromutagen Ooze Canister, Mega Mutation Chart

Fastest Mutation Time - 3.4 Muta-seconds

Favorite Body of Water - The Dead Sea

As if our Mutatin' menagerie wasn't scary enough! As if the success of the original Mutations wasn't enough! Now there's even more. That's right! More marvelous Mutant Mutations. Just check out these new shape shifters. Classic characters like Shredder, the Foot Soldier and April, plus movie stars like Tokka and Rahzar. I bet you can't wait to get your hands on all this awesome Mutantin' action, dude! But remember, once you Mutate one, you gotta Mutate 'em all!

Created by the ultimate madman, Shredder, this beast is the ultimate Mutant. Shredder mixed and matched until he came up with a brand new bouncy baby battle beast. This sinister snappin' Turtle can Mutate at your will with just a few twists and turns of his beastly body. Shredder loves to watch TOKKA Mutate from a simple snappin' Turtle to a Turtle-torchin' terror and then set him loose in the city to wreak havoc. No one is safe from this Mutatin' monster, especially the Turtles. But stay sharp and Mutate this bad boy with care -cuz he bites!


  • The Mutatin' Steel Sea Shell was available in both silver and dark pink plastic.


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