"The Remodeled Rodent Samurai Sage!"


Accessories - Kowabuna Changin' Cane, Konki Crossbow Club, Cut-up Cheese Knife, Retromutagen Ooze Canister, Mega Mutation Chart
Mutatin' splinter action figure 1992

Watch out! The gregarious Green Ones and their foes are makin' a change - literally! These guys start out as mild-mannered mortals, but move a piece here, pull a tab there and - presto! - they mutate into the crazy mutant maniacs you know and love. That's right, Einstein - these fantastic figures actually, really and truly mutate! You know the story: they started out as pets, then got oozed. Well dudes, watch out! 'Cause the Turtles, they now are really changin'! See that fork - it's a sai; see that camera - it's a shell drill. Oh, and that lunchbox is really a machine gun! You got it - each figure also comes with his own crazy mutating weapons assortment, too. This awesome collection feature 4 heroes in a half shell (who mutate from pets to Turtle Teens), Bebop, Rocksteady and Sensei master, Hamato Yoshi (who mutate from human to mutant form).



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