"The Master Mutatin' Madman!"
Mutatin' Shredder

Vital Mutistics

Accessories: Sword-splitting Staff, Two Retromutagen Ooze Canisters, Mega Mutation Chart

Fastest Mutation Time - 2.4 Muta-seconds

Favorite Command - "Mutate Me!"

"You hold in your hand the power of Mutation - the Mutation of the ultimate nasty ninja master - Shredder! That's right , we're talkin' madman here. totally nuts and totally in charge. Remember? This is the grotesque genius who was the first to use Ooze to create Mutants - and now it's his turn! You best hope you're up to the challenge, Cuz now you can control whether this nasty ninja master Mutates into Shredder or stays just a plain ol' not-so-nice-guy. But Shredder's not worried, he know you are his loyal servant and will Mutate him on command, and he commands you to Mutate him now!



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