Mutatin' raphael
The Form-alterin’ Foot Fighter!

Accessories: Shape-changin' Sais, Pizza Tossin' Ninja Star, Retromutagen Ooze Canister, Pet Turtle Food Can, Mega Mutation Chart
Fastest Mutation Time: 5.0001 seconds (Blindfolded)
Favorite Food Before Mutation: Peat Moss & Lettuce on Rye
Favorite Food After Mutation: Spinach (Just kidding! It's really pizza!

Now you can recreate the amazing origin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This turtle is just oozing to change. He's tired of being just a pet turtle in a bowl. He wants to shed his little body and trade it in for mutant muscle. And now he can. With just a few twists and a couple of shifts, this innocent turtle will turn from pushover pet to the pizza scarfin', Foot stompin', party lovin' Ninja Turtle, Raphael. The tables will turn on those who pick on the defenseless, the weak, the meek, and the unmutated. And best of all, with your help, Raph can change back! That's right! Now Raphael has the perfect disguise for sneaking up on the unsuspecting Foot Clan. What will these Turtles think of next? No one knows, except maybe Splinter. And remember, inside every Mutatin' Turtle is a hero waitin' to come out.



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