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The Quick-changin' Wailin' Wolf!



Favorite Meal - Turtle Snacks

Fastest Mutation Time - 4.2. Muta-seconds

When the moon is full and the night is thick, Rahzar likes to Mutate. Ever since Shredder first changed Rahzar from a wolf pup to a marvelous munchin' Mutant, Rahzar hasn't been able to get enough of the Mutation mumbo-jumbo. And now you control the process from beginning to end. Twist his contorted carnivorous body; flip and switch this mangy Mutant until he's fully Mutated into the weird Wolf Mutant. He'll sniff the air and start the hunt for any tasty turtles that happen his way. And he's all yours to control and Mutate at will. But you must be warned - once Rahzar's Mutated, he's no longer a cute cuddly wolf. He's a mean Mutant who will stop at nothing to devour the Green Teens- and your fingers, if you're not careful!


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