Mutafoot rerelease.jpg

The Mindless Mutatin' Maniac!

Vital Mutistics

Fastest Mutation Time - 6.7 Muta-seconds
Favorite Lubricant - Turtle Grease


As if our Mutatin' menagerie wasn't scary enough! As if the success of the original Mutations wasn't enough! Now there's even more. That's right! More marvelous Mutant Mutations. Just check out these new shape shifters. Classic characters like Shredder, the Foot Soldier and April, plus movie stars like Tokka and Rahzar. I bet you can't wait to get your hands on all this awesome Mutatin' action, dude! But remember, once you Mutate one, you gotta Mutate 'em all!

Now you control the power of the Foot Soldier Mutation process. You hold the secret to fully expose the high-tech technology that swells beneath the surface of every loyal Foot Soldier. With a twist here and a flip there, you and you alone, can re-arrange this rad robotic ruffian. So Turtles of the world beware! The Foot follow a new leader today, one who isn't afraid to open them up and program them for total Turtle destruction. You hold the Power. You hold the Knowledge. You hold the Foot in the palm of your hand. Now go forth and Mutate!

This figure was re-released for the "Ninja Power" 10th Anniversary line with more conventional packaging.


  • Mutatin' Baton Blaster
  • Electro Shock Mace
  • Retromutagen Ooze Canister
  • Mega Mutation Chart