Mutatin April

The Ferocious Feline Reporter!


Accessories - Clamp-on Claws, Mutatin' Video Bag, Retromutagen Ooze Canister, Mega Mutation Chart

Fastest Mutation Time - 2.9 Muta-seconds

Favorite Musical - Cats

What's the perfect disguise for April? A ferocious feline, of course. Once you help her Mutate into a cat, she can catwalk her way right into Shredder's lair for the scoop of the century. If she gets caught, don't worry- she's one tough tabby that can claw and scratch her way outta any mess. Not just anyone can fuss with this kitty's fancy fur! And when it's time to Mutate back, you can tuck, twist and rearrange her until she turns into ace reporter, April O'Neil. Just one more bit of advice: don't Mutate April and Splinter in the same room together! Me-ow!


  • The Clamp-on Claws were available in either silver or deep red plastic.


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