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A mutant is any being that has been exposed to mutagen, Oozesquitoes, or some other way has undergone some kind of transformative mutation.

The idea of a mutant is a common trope in comic books and science fiction. The new phenotypes that appear in fictional mutations generally go far beyond what is typically seen in biological mutants, and often result in the mutated life form exhibiting superhuman abilities or qualities.


Within the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, the term "mutant" is almost exclusively used to describe any being who has been affected by mutagen, rather than any naturally occurring mutations. Mutagen can mutate a being in numerous ways, ranging from animals taking on human traits (such as the Ninja Turtles and Splinter) to humans taking on animal traits (such as Bebop and Rocksteady), to either taking on the traits of other objects (such as Muckman) or simply growing in size and strength (such as the Super Shredder). The 1987 TV series states that whatever was being mutated would take on the traits of the last living thing it touched. This is not stated in any other series, and would seem contradictory in many cases.

The Mutagen exposure is the same in the 2012 TV series. According to a Kraang operative in "Pulverizer Returns!", the Mutagen's effects are unpredictable. It was also shown that if anyone is exposed to Mutagen and hasn't come in contact with anything animal or plant-related, they will end up turning into a mutant monster or blob. The Mutagen is shown to not mutate anyone who has Kraang DNA in them.

In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the mutagen is carried by an Oozesquito that causes anyone who gets stung by them to mutate into a mutant. Like the 1987 TV series and the 2012 TV series, any who came in contact with an animal or a plant would turn into a mutant with the appearance of those they last came in contact with. The Yōkai alchemist Baron Draxum plans to use the Oozesquitoes to mutate humanity while Big Mama wants to create fighters for her Battle Nexus. Technically, all Yōkai are mutants as they originated from mutation-inducing contact with Empyrean, but regardless, Yōkai do not identify with the term "mutant" and have an established society and a significantly longer history than Draxum's mutagen mutants.



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This section details mutants that only appeared as action figures in the TMNT toylines.

  • Ace Duck - Mutant duck
  • Biting Bulldog Buddy - Mutant bulldog
  • Bob the Beaver - Mutant beaver
  • Crackers - Mutant parrot
  • Doctor El - Mutant elephant
  • Fish Stix - Mutant sea creature
  • Flyboy - Mutant fly
  • Halfcourt - Mutant giraffe
  • Harey - Mutant rabbit
  • Hot Spot - Mutant dalmatian
  • Jail Bird - Mutant bird
  • Kid Kangy - Mutant kangaroo
  • King Lionheart - Mutant lion
  • Larry the Lemur - Mutant lemur
  • Monty Moose - Mutant moose
  • Nutty - Mutant squirrel
  • Pizza Face - Mutant pizza chef
  • Ruff the Ref - Mutant flamingo
  • Sandstorm - Mutant dromedary
  • Scratch - Mutant cat
  • Sergeant Bananas - Mutant gorilla
  • Sewer Sea Gull - Mutant sea gull
  • Sunflower Pal - Mutant sunflower
  • Tad Pole - Mutant Frog
  • Thorny - Mutant cactus
  • Walkabout - Mutant kangaroo

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