Mutant Town wall

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In the IDW continuity, the Mutant Town wall is a separation barrier completely surrounding the Manhattan neighborhood of Mutant Town. After Old Hob's mutagen bomb triggered the mutations of countless random humans, newly elected New York City mayor Baxter Stockman had these mutants quarantined inside Mutant Town, and had the wall constructed to prevent the free movement of people in and out of the neighborhood. The wall is monitored and policed by the Earth Protection Force.


The wall is said to be 50 feet tall. As it is located in a densely built-up urban area, it abruptly separates streets and sidewalks on one side from quarantined buildings on the other side. As with many outdoor building surfaces, the wall in some places is covered with graffiti.


The wall first appears in TMNT #101, soon after it had been built.

In The Cure for You, Jennika is standing on top of the wall, speaking to her friend Mrs. Gonzalez through an apartment window, when she spots a mutant rabbit named Vincent jumping the wall and running towards unquarantined Manhattan. Jenny runs after him, knowing he could get into trouble if the EPF catch him outside the zone.

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  • The Mutant Town wall has many similarities to the real life Berlin Wall, an urban separation barrier that existed in the city of Berlin, Germany between August 1961 and November 1989, completely surrounding what was then West Berlin in a dense urban environment. Built by East Germany, the wall's purpose was to completely separate the people and traffic of East Berlin and the rest of East Germany from the American-British-French-controlled West Berlin, as part of the delicate geopolitics of the Cold War era between the countries of the Eastern Bloc and Western Bloc in the aftermath of World War II. All attempts to cross the wall without East German authorization were strictly policed by them, often with lethal force. During the Eastern European Revolutions of 1989, the Berlin Wall was torn down. The East German state collapsed in October 1990, reunitng with West Germany, and in July 1999, Berlin again became the capital city of united Germany.


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