Mutant Munchies

Publisher(s) 4Kids Entertainment
Platform(s) Adobe Flash
Release date 2003
Genre(s) Action maze
Input method(s) Keyboard

Mutant Munchies was an Adobe Flash-based maze game that was available on the 4Kids Entertainment website. It is a clone of Pac-Man and is in fact a modified version of a popular unofficial flash port of the game by a programmer called Paul Neave.

Players control Michelangelo, represented in a Pac-Man-like shape and "voiced" by reused clips of Wayne Grayson from the animated series. He travels along the sewer maze, eating dots, pizza, and other food (hamburgers, ice cream, etc.) and avoiding four Droids - Mouser, Droido, Bitey, and Steve. Upon eating a pizza slice, Mikey is given "super powers" and the droids turn blue and run from him, allowing him to eat them. Other food appears in the center of the maze and give the player bonus points.

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