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Sally cheers as the Mutanimals’ van gets airborne over a hill. She tells Ray that he owes her twenty bucks and he points out that they are mutants without any money to their names. Hob tells Sally to take the next left, to the Null Corporation’s lab as that’s where he thinks Seymour went.

Inside Null’s lab, Lindsey attempts to reason with Seymour, pointing out that there will be at least some innocent lives lost if the building explodes. Seymour tells her that he knows the building and its operations much better than her and he still deems it fit to be destroyed. He tells her that he knows it so well he can send it into lockdown to be sure no one gets out. Seymour shoots a tank of hazardous chemicals, triggering security protocols. As security shields slide down over the windows outside, Hob manages to slide underneath and through a garage door. Lindsey tells the guards not to shoot as Hob is their best chance at reasoning with Seymour. Hob tells Seymour that if he does this, then he’s let them turn him into a monster, and he gets to decide who he wants to be. Hob finally understands the point Slash was trying to make earlier. Suddenly a spasm of energy emits from Seymour’s suit. Lindsey explains that that was just a precursor to the full explosion that’s coming.

The other mutanimals rush in, having breached the building’s security. The Null scientists and guards flee to safety. Ray keeps Jillian from running off with them. Lindsey asks Jillian to help her fix Seymour’s suit but Jillian is paralyzed by the fear of blowing up. Lindsey hopes for the best and rips out the wiring from Seymour’s suit. Seymour is alright and no longer in danger of blowing up. Lindsey tells Seymour that with time his suit will be good as new and Seymour himself will be okay.

Outside, Lindsey greets Hob but Hob tells her not to get emotional. Lindsey says she understands where they stand, and while they’re not family they can continue to work together to their mutual benefit. Hob tells Lindsey he has a job for her.

Null greets Hob inside her office. She states that she’s glad to see him, as now she can finally stop them from being a thorn in her side. She asks Hob if he really thought his scrappy gang of mutants could defeat her, the head of a multiple-dimension spanning evil corporation. Hob tells her that if was able to request a one-on-one meeting with her he must be doing something right.

Upon on the rooftop, Sally uses Null’s helicopter’s radio to listen in on Hob and Null’s conversation. She listens for the confirmation that he and Null are alone. With the rooftop guards tied up, the Mutanimals head inside the building. They make it down the stairs and most of the way to Null’s office when Herman wonders about the lack of any apparent security measures. Slash says that they likely have a little more time until the guards mount a response when a wall blows up, knocking the Mutanimals down.

Back in the lab, Jillian speaks with Null over the phone, telling her about what went down with Seymour, a.k.a. Mutagen Man. Jillian hangs up and tells Lindsey that they only have a few more minutes until a fresh team of guards arrives to secure the area. Jillian says that she’s already erased Null’s research on mutants, setting her back years, but she doesn’t know if they should proceed with the rest of the plan. Lindsey tells Jillian that this is her chance to stop running and take control of her life, and that if she wants to be free of Null and continue her research with the Mutanimals then this is what she has to do. Jillian retrieves the hard drive with all the recordings of the Null Corporation’s experiments on animals, evidence of their crimes. Jillian gives it to Lindsey and Lindsey punches Jillian in the mouth. Jillian is knocked down and in shock when Lindsey ties her hands together and to a pole. Lindsey states that she lied to Jillian about her chance for redemption, that she owed her a lie for all the lies Jillian told her.

Null's Roadkill Rodneys.


Upstairs, the Mutanimals hide behind Herman’s dumpster from cover fire laid down by Roadkill Rodneys—Null security robots. Pete attempts to pop off some shots from above the dumpster but is shot. Inside Null’s office, she tells Hob that it sounds like his backup has arrived. She tells him that she’d guessed at his plan and prepared for it, evacuating the building of everyone but herself and her Null bots. She tells Hob that there will be no next battle, at this is the end for him and the Mutanimals. Suddenly Null’s helicopter bursts through the wall, piloted by Sally. She leaps free as it crashes and takes out several robots. She grabs a gun and a makeshift helicopter blade sword and leads a charge against the remaining robots. Slash hulks out and takes out several of them while Herman guns down the rest. The others look on as Slash regains composure while in his berserker state.

In her office Null sends Hob crashing into her desk. She tells him that they are done and wonders why he hasn’t yet tried to flee, knowing he can’t kill her. Hob tells her that it’s because he can still hurt her and slashes her in the eye with his claws. Null tells Hob that she was merely distracted. Hob tells Seymour to shoot her with a rocket launcher and see if that hurts her. Null lies in the wreckage, temporarily subdued. She tells Hob that they still can’t win. Hob tells her that he knows, but they can make business not worth the trouble. Hob tells Null about deleting their research and sending the video of their animal abuse to the press. Hob tells Null that she can keep doing business, as long as she doesn’t mess with mutants.

At Mutanimal headquarters, Sally finishes first aid on Mondo and calls Lindsey for her turn next. Lindsey tells Sally that there’s no need as she wasn’t even in the fight but Sally points out Lindsey’s hand, injured from touching Seymour’s overheated suit and then fighting Jillian. Sally tells Lindsey that it’s okay to accept help and it won’t make her feel vulnerable if she can learn to trust. Outside, Hob and Ray debrief after the mission. Ray tells Hob that they are monitoring all the scientists who were assigned to the mutagen research at Null to keep an eye on their activities and whereabouts so that if they are ever found to be working on mutants again, they can kill them in order to send a message to those who would research on mutants. The two agree not to tell Slash about this part of their plan. Hob and Ray head inside where the rest of the Mutanimals have gathered and prepared a feast. Ray exclaims how grateful he is to have been able to help the Mutanimals and Hob says they’re will be plenty more to come.