Old Hob's mutagen bomb.


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

A mutagen bomb is an explosive device that disperses mutagen over an area, triggering the mutations of those caught in it.

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 98: City at War, part 6, at the victory celebration of New York City mayor-elect Baxter Stockman at Union Square Park, the event was stormed by the Old Hob leading a combined force of the Mighty Mutanimals and Raphael. Stockman and his campaign manager April O'Neil were quickly evacuated by Stockman's Flyborgs, but Hob's real goal was the podium, where he publicly declared his existence as a mutant and his hostility towards a humankind that mistreats mutants, vowing that humans would know the same pain and terror he and his mutant friends had known. Unbeknownst to Raph or to any of the other Mutanimals besides Man Ray and a previously eavesdropping Mondo Gecko, Hob had brought a bomb which Ray had constructed in absolute secrecy. Mondo pulled Raph aside to warn him. At the same time, Earth Protection Force Agent Jonathan Bishop and his newly recruited partner Hun arrived remote-controlling a pair of clones of the recently murdered Slash. In a rage, Hob cut his speech short and hurled his bomb at the gathered crowd. When the bomb detonated, countless random human pedestrians immediately became human-born mutants, much to the horror of Sally Pride, Pigeon Pete, Mondo, Raph, Bishop, Hun and NYPD officers Kara Lewis and Hernandez as they watched from safe distances.