Multicolored Mutagen


Mutagen Ooze is the mysterious goo that turned the Green Team from pet turtles into the "heroes in a half shell" that they are today. The Ooze also created their many mutant friends and foes—so handle with care! Comes in four different colors, each with a colorful (pre-mutated) mini-Turtle to collect. Each canister contains 2.4 oz. of Ooze.

Load Ooze into a special Ooze-zooka carrying Turtle action figure (sold separately) and get ready to launch a sticky surprise! Or fill your Sewer Cruiser or Drop Copter (both sold separately) and stop those bad guys in their tracks!

  • The Blue Leonardo mini-Turtle comes in the Orange Mutagen Ooze Canister
  • The Purple Donatello mini-Turtle comes in the Yellow Mutagen Ooze Canister
  • The Red Raphael mini-Turtle comes in the Green Mutagen Ooze Canister
  • The Orange Michelangelo mini-Turtle comes in the Purple Mutagen Ooze Canister


  • A non-toxic, bitter taste has been added to Mutagen Ooze to discourage ingestion by young children or pets. Please wash hands after playing with Ooze.
  • Protect play surfaces before use. Do not use on surfaces that can be damaged by water. Mutagen Ooze may stain or stick to some surfaces. Avoid carpets, clothing, walls, and furniture.
  • To remove Mutagen Ooze from clothing or fabrics, hand-wash with a small amount of laundry detergent and warm water. Use a mild soap and warm water to clean hands after handling Ooze.


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