Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Pigeon Pete "Oh! Hi!"

Pete "You're awake again!"

Pete "I'll get us—well, me breakfast!"

Pete "{Chomp} Looks like everyone else is still asleep."

Pete "Not Pete, though! Guess it's true what they say. The early bird—{slurp}"

Pete "—Gets the cereal!"

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Herman the Hermit Crab " 'Afternoon, cadet."

Herman "The others are preparing for a supply run. Intelligence indicates we may have found more suitable equipment to get you back to fighting shape."

Herman "Ah, I suppose Pete forgot to put this away..."


Herman "Hrm... Seems I'm still breaking in my new prosthesis."

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Mondo Gecko "—Like I was saying, a sick kickflip—is all in the tail."

Mondo "You should think about asking Lindsey for one when the crew gets back, bro. Total gamechanger."

Old Hob "The unfortunate irony of striking back at Null and the E.P.F. is that it's made finding the tech we need to fix your body... Less convenient. We couldn't find much of what Lindsey needed on this run."

Hob "But don't worry. Nobody's giving up. On the contrary..."

Hob "...Next time a head gets separated from its body, it'll be Bishop's."

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Lindsey Baker "Sorry I'm late. I was thinking we could try watching a comedy tonight."

Lindsey "I feel like I've been making you binge watch too many of my British detective dramas."



Lindsey "We're getting closer every day, you know? With everybody pitching in, it's just a matter of time until we have what we need."

Lindsey "We'll have you back on your feet before you know it."

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