Mutagen inside an oozesquito

In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the mutagen, commonly referred to as "ooze," is an alchemical concoction of Baron Draxum's that creates mutants. It is most commonly found in the Oozesquitoes' abdomens, from which it can be pumped into a victim upon being stung.

Thus far, the mutagen has been shown to work in three different ways:

  • Application to a human, who will mutate into the anthropomorphic form of the animal they have most recently been in contact with.
  • Application to an animal along with human DNA, which will grant the animal an anthropomorphic body and human-like intelligence.
  • Application to an animal without human DNA, which results in a mutated anthropomorphic form, but animal intelligence. It is unknown whether the intelligence will change with time and experience.
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