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A canister of Mutagen.

Mutagen is the liquid ooze which mutated Splinter and the turtles.


This version of the Mutagen enhances the size and intellect of Splinter and the turtles, much like in previous versions. But it seems to have a different effect on humans as Sacks and Shredder wanted to use it as a cure, the mutagen seems to make people for resistant to viruses and other types of physical injuries.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Eric Sacks and April's father were testing the mutagen on Splinter and the turtles, but when Dr. O'Neil found out Sacks' true colors he destroyed the lab and all the mutagen that was left. Shredder and Sacks had been using the Foot Clan to try steal all the chemical components they would need to re-create the ooze, but never succeeded. However, after Sacks learns that April saved Splinter and the turtles, he realizes that her actions have given him a chance to retrieve the mutagen. Tracking the turtles to their lair, Shredder and the clan take the turtles to the Sacks Manor's private lab, extracting the turtles' blood and refining it to get the Mutagen which they plan to use to cure New York City after turning it into a quarantine zone. However, April manages to rescue the turtles before they can be drained of too much blood, and they travel to New York to stop Sacks and Shredder releasing the virus. At the end Shredder falls from the Sacks Tower with the last canister of mutagen. Although the turtles and April steal it to heal the wounded Splinter, Shredder is shown lying on the ground with his hand closing with a single drop of Ooze on the tip of his finger just as the police converge on him.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Donatello testing the purple mutagen on himself.

When Shredder unwittingly makes contact with General Krang, he is given a purple variation of the mutagen to use. Loading them into darts, Baxter Stockman shoots the mutagen-filled darts at the two criminals Rocksteady and Bebop where they assume their mutant forms. When the turtles acquire a sample of the mutagen from the dart that was used to mutate the two, Donatello's tests reveal that the purple Mutagen could be synthesized to turn the turtles into humans, dividing the team as Leonardo thinks that the team should accept their status as outsiders where Raphael and Michaelangelo are eager for the chance to be normal. Although they are able to acquire the purple mutagen, the Turtles eventually accept their status as mutants. Raphael destroys the canister so that they can focus on defeating Krang.


  • The younger version of April says the mutagen came from outer space, a hint to the Utroms.
  • Though Splinter was also used in the mutagen experiments Shredder and Sacks were only interested in the turtles' blood. However, this can be attributed to them making their plans based on the assumption that only the turtles were still alive, and therefore considering Splinter surplus to requirements even after they learned that he existed when they tried to capture the Turtles.
  • In Out of the Shadows, Baxter Stockman speculates that the purple mutagen works by reverting the subjects back to the DNA of their animal ancestors. Most likely it draws the subject back to a point when all life on Earth shared a genetic pattern and then force-'evolves' them into a new form based on some animal they share traits with.


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