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Musical Mutagen Tour 4 Pack is a SDCC 2020 exclusive action figure box set from NECA. The turtles in this set are based on their Coming Out of Their Shells incarnations.

Own a part of turtles history with the TMNT Musical Mutagen Tour 4 Pack!
This one of a kind box set will take you back to 1990 at the pinnacle of the turtles fandom where Leo, Donnie, Raph, and Mikey traded in their martial arts weapons for instruments and became rock stars. All 4 turtles are dressed in real fabric, band themed apparel and come with a slew of new accessories including a saxophone, keyboard, guitar, and a one string bass! Also included are mask accessories, a pizza, and 4 sets of interchangeable hands.
Slipcase over window box packaging.

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