Mrs. Cuddles
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
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Season Code: 019
Episode: 9B
Original airdate October 20, 2018
Written by Ian Busch
Producers: Ant Ward
Andy Suriano
Vladimir Radev
Directed by Abe Audish & Jamie Vickers
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Supervising Director  Alan Wan
Storyboard Artist: Christina "KiKi" Manrique
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"The Gumbus (episode)" "Stuck on You"

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1
September 17, 2018 - November 16, 2019
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"Mrs. Cuddles" is the sixteenth episode (Episode 9B) of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It first aired on October 20th, 2018.


April O'Neil and the brothers make Raph face his greatest fear... an adorable kids' TV show bunny.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Astronaut (debut)


The episode opens with the Turtles, Splinter, and April in the living room about to watch a TV cable program since April was hired to be an actress. As the Turtles are excited about this, Splinter is disappointed as the new program runs over his favorite show. Leo asks Raph to sit in front of the screen, and as the show starts, he is presented to Mrs. Cuddles, much to Raph's fearful disappointment and the others' amusement. April then asks Raph to head to the kitchen to get his mind off the scare.

In the kitchen, Raph puts together a sandwich, but is then pranked by his brothers and April who uses the actual Mrs. Cuddles puppet April borrowed. As Raph tries to hide the fact that he was scared, he notices the puppet has disappeared and took his sandwich. As Raph takes a bite of his sandwich, Mrs. Cuddles creepily taunts him with a pickle, much to the snapping turtle's horror. The living puppet tells Raph that his screams of terror only fuel her power to grow in size. The other Turtles and April hear him panic and check on Raph. However, they immediately deny the leader's accusations that Mrs. Cuddles is actually alive, especially after seeing Mrs. Cuddles not moving. After they leave, Raph notices that Mrs. Cuddles has disappeared and runs off to find the puppet.

Back out in the living room, Splinter is disappointed to see that Mrs. Cuddles has pretty much taken over most of the TV shows and commercials on all the channels. Raph then runs in and asks Splinter if he's seen the bunny puppet, but runs off again as he sees Mrs. Cuddles appear on the screen.

In the arcade, Raph runs to tell Mikey, Leo and April that the puppet has disappeared. Worried that she'll get fired, April goes to the kitchen to search for the puppet. However, Mrs. Cuddles finds her, much to April's screaming horror.

In Donnie's lab, as the genius turtle contemplates on what his next invention should be, Mrs. Cuddles appears, but it's not until she starts talking is when Donnie goes into panic mode. Mrs. Cuddles takes Donnie's tech-bo, activates its chainsaw mod and cuts the head off of the titanium bust of the turtle genius that gets Donnie shaken.

Raph hears Donnie's screams from his lab and goes to investigate. After noticing that his younger brother is missing, Mrs. Cuddles attacks him and tempts him to scream. During the fight, Raph stubs his toe on the head of the Donnie bust, but holds back his cries of pain. As Mrs. Cuddles pins him down with Donnie's tech-bo, Raph uses the bust head to knock out the puppet and lock her in a closet in the arcade. As his brothers see Raph barricade the locker, Leo and Mikey shrug off their older brother's fearful concern and leave to go skateboarding. Splinter then comes in, claiming that he left his napping robe in the locker, and after Raph tells him that he's protecting them from Mrs. Cuddles, Splinter offers to "stand guard" as Raph retrieves the weapons. But as soon as Raph leaves, Splinter pushes down the barricade to get his robe, releasing Mrs. Cuddles from inside the closet. Raph returns and is horrified to see that Mrs. Cuddles has escaped.

Leo and Mikey are then skateboarding inside the Lair, and Mrs. Cuddles finds them, causing the two brothers to scream. Mikey even screams loud and long enough for the puppet to grow gigantic, Which Leo comments about later. She then kidnapped Leo and Mikey, and takes them to Donnie and April, who are also tied up. The four teens try to figure out a plan to call out for help, but it rules out screaming for help.

Raph then finds Mrs. Cuddles grown into a massive size, to the point where she towers over him. After realizing that everyone is gone and that Mrs. Cuddles has took them, Raph then claims that she's nothing but a bully, and he's not afraid of those. Raph then proceeds to fight the giant puppet, but Mrs. Cuddles uses the water from the pipes to hose him to be tangled in the basketball hoop.

Splinter, who was surprisingly oblivious and avoiding the whole situation, shows up and starts laughing at Raph. Mrs. Cuddles is enraged of Splinter's giggles and proceeds to spray him. The rat, however, dodges her, claims that no one messes with his family, and also interrupts his TV programs, and threatens that she's made an enemy with him. Splinter then fights Mrs. Cuddles, with the former overpowering her and using her to free Raph.

After knocking Mrs. Cuddles down, Raph gets a mouthful of cotton, and Splinter starts laughing at him. Mrs. Cuddles then starts to shrink, and Raph prompts his father to keep giggling until Mrs. Cuddles is rendered powerless. Raph then whacks the puppet with a skateboard. At Raph's mercy, Mrs. Cuddles pleads him to not lock her back in the trunk and send her back to the show. Raph however, decides to do just that and locks her away. Splinter and Raph then hear, Leo, Donnie, Mikey and April calling for help to untie them, and Splinter advises that they should go untie them... eventually.


  • Donnie: I'm afraid of togetherness...
  • Leo: Astronauts heard you.
  • Splinter: I will never marry any of them off.
  • Mikey: When you’re ready to grow up and be an adult, Raphael, we’ll be in the arcade.
  • Donnie: Oh my banana pancakes!
  • Mrs. Cuddles: Now give me a scream!
  • Donnie: Oh dear me, gasp, it is Mrs. Cuddles. Okay Raph, you can come out now.
  • April: Why can’t we yell for help?
  • Raph: I wish I had sandwiches for brothers.
  • April: Is my acting really that bad?
  • April: Is anybody there?
  • Splinter: Ahahahaha, we will get riiiight to that... eventually. Hahaha!
  • Splinter: Ooh~... Someone has a case of cotton mouth!
  • Splinter: Who buys an SUV from a Bunny!?
  • Raph: Woah! You're Huge! uh... I see you've met Mikey.
  • Mrs Cuddles: Who wants a pickle-wickle?
  • Mrs Cuddles: I hope you scream just as much as the red one.
  • Donnie: Which project should I work on? the self-cleaning toothpick or the titanium bust of myself? *sigh* like I need to ask.
  • Leo: Scaredy pants say whaaaaaaat?
  • Raph: Hey, good plan! So good I want to scream about how good it is. *gets smacked by splinter* Ow! But I won't.
  • Splinter: You made a powerful enemy. Rabbit.


  • Raphael has a poster of Ghostbear in his room.
  • April's new job in this episode is revealed to be acting on Mrs. Cuddles' television program.
  • Prior to the episode's release, co-creator Andy Suriano posted a tweet, saying "Subtle but big info dropped in today's TMNT eps "Mrs. Cuddles"... anyone catch?"[1].
  • Splinter refers to Raph by his name as he states that he enjoys laughing at his "fear-flops".
  • Raph screams "It's alive!" when he first sees Mrs. Cuddles move, much like Dr. Frankenstein upon reanimating his monster in Frankenstein.
  • This is the first episode to show Splinter fighting.