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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Mrs. Beaver is a denizen of Dimension Grade-A and the mother of Cleaver Beaver. She is very determined to keep her son safe, and is willing to go to great lengths to do so.

In Cleaver's Critters, Cleaver has contracted a disease known as Monster Pox, which makes the victim sneeze out monsters. Even though these creatures were harmless, they were still big and scary enough to anger and frighten the townspeople, who chased her and Cleaver out of their home and set it on fire. They started living in a closed-down observatory, when the Ninja Turtles crashed through their ceiling.

After hearing the Beavers' story, Raphael offered the help of himself and his brothers - much to the others' chagrin. After some townsfolk mistake the Turtles for more of Cleaver's critters and bury them underground, they don uncomfortable attire and set off to kill Cleaver once and for all. To defend themselves, Mrs. Beaver aims her son at the townsfolk. However, it takes a toll on the younger Beaver, and after the Turtles escape (thanks to Raph's contracting Monster Pox), they warn Mrs. Beaver of their tenacity and Cleaver's wearing out. She snaps and momentarily turns on the Turtles, pitting Cleaver and Raphael into a creature summoning showdown. At one point, though, Cleaver's sneeze cracks lightning across the sky, and Cudley the Cowlick drops down, and Cleaver is finally down for the count.

The Turtles arrive to find Doctor Seewell, the propreitor of the observatory, caring for Cleaver. Seewell tells her that Cleaver being forced to sneeze like that overtaxed him and cured him of the Monster Pox. Mrs. Beaver apologizes for her behavior, and Seewell tells her she's already paid for her actions, but to make it up to Cleaver, she should take him out of Dimension Grade-A - and to his uncle's ranch that he's been vacationing of, in the Dimension of Love.

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