Mr. Zimmerman! is a story from the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Adventures comics, published on August 25, 1990.

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At the Manhattan Bank, an old man with a walker ("zimmer") enters and is given permission to move to the front of the queue. He then demands that the teller give him all of their thousand-dollar bills, threatening her with missiles launched from his zimmer when she protests. The teller complies and the old man makes his getaway.

Meanwhile, the Hero Turtles are eating at a pizzeria nearby, and see the old man blast past the window. Investigating, they find the bank owner complaining about the theft and announcing that the robber left a calling card, calling himself "Zimmerman". Raphael questions why there are "scaffolding" on the calling card, and his brothers mock him and throw pizza at him for some reason for not knowing they were zimmers.

Michaelangelo sees an old man with a zimmer and accosts him, but it turns out to be a rando and he lands in trouble with the police. Later, the Turtles pile into the Turtle Van and witness Zimmerman blowing the back of an armored truck off. They give chase, but he flies away on his zimmer.

The Turtles return home and watch Channel 6 news, where April reports that the police are questioning everyone with a zimmer, leading to old people protesting the profiling. Raphael declares that April has a "magnetic personality", and that suddenly gives Leonardo an idea; he calls the Acme Electro-Tech company and requests that giant magnets are installed into five major banks, telling them to charge the bill to April.

The next day, an alarm alerts the Turtles to a break-in at one of the banks. They rush over and Leo presses a button on a remote, which activates the magnet and gets Zimmerman stuck to the ceiling with his zimmer pinning him there. The police arrive to arrest him.

On his court date, Judge Brown chides Zimmerman, an apparent retired "space scientist", and tells him that being unable to manage his pension is no excuse for his crimes. Just as the judge is about to sentence the thief to jail time, April randomly appears with a community service plan to enact instead. The final scene shows the Turtles and some old folks enjoying some jet zimmers.


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