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Fugitoid (Issue)

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Kevin Eastman
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Mozar also known as Commander Mozar is a member of the Triceraton race and was a leading soldier and senior officer of the Triceraton Republic armed forces and an enemy of the Ninja Turtles and Professor Honeycutt.


Commander Mozar leads his army, with the aim to capture the Fugitoid at the behest of Zanramon, the leader of the Triceraton Republic, after receiving information about him from Lonae the assistant to the Federation General Blanque. They find the Fugitoid on the Federation planet D’Hoonib, where the Fugitoidi escapes from General Blanquen troops. He hides together with the Ninja Turtles in the city of Peblak at a Jockeybar bar, where Mozar's army attacks a short time later. They are, however, immediately successful in capturing the Fugitoid. However, the Turtles find their way onto a small vessel. Mozar takes the Fugitoid towards the base with the intention to return to the Triceraton Homeworlds. After a small battle the Turtles manage to accidentally find their way into the ship, thinking it's a bunker. A few minutes later, Mozar treats Fugitoid with respect and calls him by his proper name, Professor Honeycutt, and tries to persuade him in the construction of a Transmat for the benefit of the Triceraton Republic. The story continued in the sixth issue of the comic, where at the beginning where Mozar brings Fugitoid to Zanramon,

In the comic he's depicted physically identical (at least to the human eye) to any other generic Triceraton in the series. His role is not as prevalent as it is in the 2003 TV series, as his name is mentioned only briefly, during a conversation with his captain and later during a conversation between Prime Leader Zanramon and Professor Honeycutt . It can be assumed he is one of the many Triceratons in which the Turtles fight, but there is nothing concrete to support this. Further details on this character, however, remained unknown.

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