Mozar2015 2


Captain Mozar, leader of the Triceraton Empire, guides the Triceratons through the galaxy on their mission to eliminate the Kraang alien race. Mozar is a hulking Triceraton with a broken horn, scarred face, steel prosthetic beak, and has a relentless hatred for the Kraang. He won't let anything stand in his way of taking out the Kraang alien race, including the destruction on the Turtles' home planet, Earth! With the Triceraton's army backing him and his plasma cannon and force mine in each hand, he's prepared to do whatever is necessary to destroy the Kraang!
Weapons: Cannon Blasters
(on website) Plasma cannon & Force mine
Team: Triceraton


  • None


  • Swivel head
  • Swivel hinge shoulders
  • Swivel hips
  • Swivel tail


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