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Captain Mozar
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Admiral Mozar (formerly)


Dino-dude (From Michelangelo), Hornhead

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Supreme Commander of the Triceraton Fleet

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"By the luck of the great Zanmoran. Not only does Mozar find the fugitive android, he collects the first fragment of his prize."
— Mozar, Riddle of The Ancient Aeons

Captain Mozar was the supreme commander of the Triceraton Fleet who held the rank of captain. He was promoted to admiral for a brief period but was demoted back captain after his failure to stop the turtles from stealing the first fragment of the Heart of Darkness from the Triceratons. He later died after the Fugitoid crashed his ship and the Heart of Darkness into the Triceraton Fleet, causing a devastating fusion/dark matter explosion.


Not much is currently known about Mozar's past aside from the fact that he is an older, experienced veteran of the Triceraton Empire who became captain of the war fleet, and answers only to the Triceraton Emperor. He has also received numerous injuries in battle, such as to his eye, horns, and upper jaw.

Annihilation Earth!

Mozar is first seen broadcasting a globally televised message to the people of Earth shortly after entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Transmission: Greetings, sub-lifeforms of Earth. I am Captain Mozar of the Triceraton Empire. Let it be known, your planet is infested with Kraang-- an insidious alien bent on mutating Earth into their own home world. We Triceratons will eliminate these hideous aliens, freeing you of their vile plans. Unfortunately, your Earth will be annihilated as well. That is all. And, please, have a nice day.

His troops arrive just as Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leatherhead were being detained by the Kraang in the newly repaired Technodrome, and he sends squadron of Raptors to attack it. They also attacked the Ninja Turtles, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones, believing them to be Kraang after they hijacked Kraang stealth ships to escape the Technodrome. Once a trooper informs Mozar that they have the Technodrome on target, he orders them to destroy it, and unleash the Heart of Darkness upon the city. With that order, the Triceratons blast a gigantic laser through the Technodrome shortly after Bishop and Leatherhead escape, killing all of the Kraang on-board, including Kraang Prime and Kraang Subprime. The Triceratons then relocate to Washington Square to set up the Black Hole Generator, but are intercepted by the Turtles, Mighty Mutanimals, Bishop, Splinter, April, and Casey. The aliens manage to take out Bishop, but the rest of the team were slowly winning the battle. When Slash begins to damage the weapon, Mozar beams down and traps him, Dr. Rockwell, Leatherhead, and Casey in containment bubbles and abducts Mikey, who he beams along with himself up into the Triceraton Mother Ship. With half of the team neutralized, and Triceraton reinforcements sent down to guard the doomsday weapon, the momentum was shifted back into the Triceratons' favor, leaving the heroes no choice but to temporarily retreat.

Holding Mikey captive.

In the Mother Ship, Mikey asks why they can't just leave Earth alone. Mozar tells him that he will prevent the Kraang from using the Earth as a hiding place any longer by annihilating it, and that the Triceraton Emperor's decision has been made and cannot be changed. In anger, Mikey attempted to strike Mozar, but was quickly restrained. Mozar ordered Zorin to take him to the Psionic Extractor, a device extracts information from a being's brain, but in the process, their psyche is sliced, diced, chopped and removed from their brain. However, the machine did not work as intended, as Mikey even enjoyed the phenomenon and asked for them to do it again. An angered Mozar then ordered his troops to destroy him. Mikey then quickly told Mozar that he knows information he may find valuable, such as all of the secret bases where the Kraang hide in Dimension X. Soon, his brothers arrive to save him, but also end up being captured. Donatello, begs Mozar not to destroy the Earth, and that their planet has so much potential. Mozar refuses, saying the humans of Earth are as thoughtless as the Kraang, as the pollute the planet and willingly erode its ozone without even needing mutagen. He then orders his troops to escort them to the airlock to finish them, prompting Leo to make a dire threat to take the entire ship down if he refuses to let the Earth survive. Mozar dismisses it as an empty threat and Leo subsequently snatched a Triceraton teleporter and throws it at the containing glass, sucking out all of the air and a couple Triceratons and nearly sucking the Turtles and Mozar into space. Mikey quickly manage to steal Mozar's teleporter and beams himself and his brothers back to New York to continue their attempt to stop the Black Hole Weapon from going off. They unfortunately fail as a result of Shredder taking his vengeance by stabbing Splinter in the back just as he was about to shut it off, killing him. Mozar and his troopers celebrate shouting "Long Live the Triceraton Empire!" and teleport their ships away as the black hole tore the Earth to pieces and sucked it away into oblivion.

Beyond The Known Universe

The Fugitoid used his space ship the Ulixes to time travel into the past, setting the Triceratons plans back 6 months when they were still searching for the hidden segments of the Heart of Darkness. This gave him, the Turtles, April and Casey a second chance at stopping the Triceratons from destroying the earth, with a deadline of six months. If they failed, the Triceratons would be victorious and Earth would be lost, forever.

The Moons of Thalos 3

Commander G'Throkka of the Salamandrian air fleet leads an attack on the Triceraton Mother Ship. Mozar was angered that his troops let the Salamadrians slip by them so easily. Mozar also noticed that the Fugitoid's ship has entered their airspace after a tachyonic jump. He then ordered his troops to blast the Fugitoid out of the sky, and deploys forces to deal with the Salamandrians as well. Their attack is successful, as they damage Fugitoid's ship, making it spiral out of control and crash into a Salamandrian vessel, subsequently causing both ships to crash land on an ice planet/moon.

Riddle of The Ancient Aeons

Arriving in orbit over the planet Xaava-Dal, location of the first piece of the Heart of Darkness, Mozar and several of his men prepare to head down to retrieve it. However, due to the planet's dark atmosphere, they are forced to use Raptor Fighters since the atmosphere interferes with their transport system. Once on the surface, they do their best to locate the piece, but as they struggle, Mozar begins to succumb to the atmosphere's negative influence and becomes enraged at his lackeys until Lieutenant Zovox detects the Fugitoid, allowing them to follow the Turtles and their allies to the first piece located in the temple of the Aeons. While his men keep the Turtles busy, Mozar retrieves the first piece, then seals the Turtles inside to perish while he and his men return to their Raptor Fighters to return to the Triceraton Mother Ship. Mozar knows that once the Triceraton Emperor sees his success in getting the first piece, he's ensured a promotion to Admiral for it.

The Arena of Carnage

Mozar, now promoted to Admiral after succeeding in retrieving the first piece of the Heart of Darkness, discovers the Turtles aboard the Triceraton Mother Ship, and immediately overpowers them before placing them in the airlock to be sucked out into the vacuum of space, having heard them saying to retreat to the airlock after they were discovered. However, Emperor Zanmoran intervenes, believing the Turtles to be good sport for the Tri-Arena. Despite Mozar's disapproval of letting the Turtles live, he does as the Emperor commands and spares them, and has them taken to the Tri-Arena to be locked up until they battle. Following the Turtles' victory over the Spasmosaur, Mozar is told of the Fugitoid, April, and Casey's presence on the Mother Ship, and goes to capture them. Though April and Casey escape, Mozar brings the Fugitoid to the Emperor, who attempts to negotiate with Prof. Honeycutt for the Turtles' lives by asking for his help with the Heart of Darkness, which Honeycutt refuses. When the Triceraton Champion, Zeno, rebels and allies with the Turtles, Mozar is caught off-guard as the Turtles ambush him and take Emperor Zanmoran hostage, offering his safety for both their own and the Fugitoid's freedom. Mozar concedes, but soon chases after the Turtles and the Fugitoid, warning them that by making an enemy of the Triceraton Empire, there is no where in the 10 dimensions where they can hide, before the Turtles and the Fugitoid collide with April and Casey, who had succeeded in getting the first piece of the Heart of Darkness back. When the Triceratons chasing April and Casey cease fire under the threat of hitting the Emperor in the crossfire, the Emperor order them to forget about him and stop the Turtles from escaping with the Heart of Darkness piece. The Turtles escape thanks to April opening the nearby airlock, and as they flee back to the Ulixes, Mozar orders Raptor Fighters after them, but the Ulixes escapes, thereby making it so the Triceratons no longer have the first piece of the Heart of Darkness, effectively putting their invasion and destruction of Earth severely behind schedule.

Revenge of the Triceratons

Having been stripped of his new rank of Admiral and demoted back to Captain, Mozar leads an ambush against the Ulixes to regain the pieces of the Heart of Darkness. However, when the Turtles refuse, Mozar decides to eradicate the seven with destructive Meteor Missiles, well-known as planet killers. When the Ulixes avoids collateral damage and growing restless, he then orders usage of the illegal Skeevax Virus and Rock Rocket despite hesitation from his followers. With the virus not immediately eliminating the Turtles and their allies, and the Ulixes then cloaking, Mozar's blood-lust grows where he orders the Raptors to continue hunting the Ulixes through bombing runs in an attempt to force them out. Upon learning of the Skeevax's defeat though, Mozar changes his plans: pursue the Ulixes, obtain the Heart of Darkness pieces, and then annihilate the ship, having the Raptor pilots pursuing the Ulixes do just that. Although the Ulixes survives and manages to escape, Mozar decides to spare his enemies after gaining the pieces once more.

The Ever-Burning Fire

As the Triceratons prepare to find the final piece of the Heart of Darkness, Mozar begins to gloat about becoming an Admiral again once he obtains the final peice at how once he retrieves the final piece, he will become Admiral once more, and "perhaps more". He then orders a search team to find the fragment. He is later contacted by Lord Dregg, who offers to bring him the last piece of the Heart of Darkness in exchange for giving the turtles to him as well as a large amount of Zemulacks, which Mozar agrees to do. Mozar then beams down at a later point to lead the mission of recovering the fragment, first fighting the Turtles, Casey and April, who make a quick retreat after Chompy gives away their position. When Tokka awakens, Mozar summons his jetpack for additional firepower, and orders the other Triceratons to stand their ground as well as die if it is necessary. With Raptors coming in, Mozar tells the pilots they will pay the ultimate price if they die. After Dregg steals the last piece of the Heart of Darkness, he demands sanctuary and a larger sum of Zemulacks from Mozar. Though annoyed, he agrees and lets the Hornitron dock just as Tokka, who flew in pursuit of Dregg, attacks Mozar's destroyer. Mozar has powerful planet-destroying Meteor Missiles fired at the nearby dwarf star to cause a supernova explosion before he teleports his destroyer away. After leading Lord Dregg to a room where he promised him the Zemulacks, Mozar turns on Dregg and has him sucked out into space. With all three pieces together at his possession, a satisfied Mozar is informed that Sergeant Zog has found a Kraang outpost on Earth. Mozar decides test the Heart of Darkness on the Kraang and Earth, but then the crewmen tell him of something he would like to know. Mozar hacks into the Ulixes' communications and states of his plans to use the Heart of Darkness on Earth, much to the horror of the Turtles, April, Casey and the Fugitoid.

Earth's Last Stand

As the Triceraton flagship arrives in the Milky Way near Saturn, Mozar has course set for Earth to annihilate it once and for all with the Heart of Darkness. The flagship soon falls under a one-man attack by Leonardo in the Scout Ship from the Ulixes as it passes Mars, but before he can take out the bridge, where Mozar is, Raptors critically damage the Scout Ship, destroying it and leaving Leo to suffocate in the vacuum of space when his helmet cracks and shatters. When the Ulixes tries to help, Raptors shoot it down to crash-land on Mars. By the time the Ulixes recovers and retrieves Leo, Mozar has already detached his destroyer from the flagship, sent Raptors down to plant the Heart of Darkness in Washington Square, and then beamed down engineers to arm the detonator. However, when he sees the past versions of April, Casey, and the Turtles battling his troops with their allies in the Mutanimals, Muckman, Mondo Gecko, and Master Splinter, he is confused as to how the Turtles beat him back to Earth, leading to where he kidnaps the past Mikey like before, then interrogates the past Leo, Donnie, and Raph, asking if they recognize him. When they don't, he realizes they are past versions of the ones he's already encountered, deciding to do away with all of them at once. He returns to Washington Square just after the present Leo has fried and destroyed the detonator, disarming the Heart of Darkness. When his blaster is damaged, he faces the Turtles, April, and Casey, both past and present, with his own, brute strength, but ends up being overwhelmed and defeated. Swearing this is not over, he returns to his destroyer with his men, returns it to the flagship, and orders the flagship's primary weapon, the Devastator, activated, planning on razing New York City, retrieving the Heart of Darkness from the ashes, and then wiping out the Earth for good. Unfortunately for him, as the Devastator charges up to fire, Mozar spots the Ulixes on a kamikaze course for the flagship with the Heart of Darkness in tow. Horrified at the Fugitoid's intentions, there is nothing Mozar can do as the Fugitoid combines the dark matter of the Ulixes' power core with the fusion energy of his own power core, creating a cataclysmic explosion that engulfs the flagship, the Ulixes, and the Heart of Darkness, destroying all of them, and wiping out Mozar and all of his troops in one fall swoop, saving the Earth from being wiped out a second and final time.


Mozar was a cunning and brutal military commander. He was obedient to the Triceraton Emperor and aimed to destroy the enemy at any cost.





As a Triceraton, Mozar carried the basic physical traits of the species. Such as thick skin, a small single horn located on his nose, and a pair of large horns located above the eyes. Mozar specifically, however, had some unique physical traits as well. He was huge and well built, wore a black military suit, and a badge on his left peck as a symbol of his position as in the armada. In addition to his muscular physique he was also characterized by his steel prosthetic beak and a small, broken horn. His body was covered with many scars and wounds acquired during many years of service as a military commander, one of which was on the left eye.


Annihilation Earth!:

Triceraton 2: Captain Mozar, we have the Technodrome on target.
Mozar: Excellent. Destroy it. And unleash the Heart of Darkness upon the city. We will make sure the Kraang never take this world again...by annihilating it.

(Mozer traps Slash in a containment bubble)
Slash: No! Dino-freaks!
Mozar: This battle is over. You have all lost.
(Leatherhead tries to attack him from behind but is trapped in a containment bubble.)
Mikey: Leatherhead!
(Mikey tries to attack Mozar, but gets grabbed by him.)
Mozar: Foolish little one. You are coming with me.
(They begin to teleport)
Raphael: Mikey!
Splinter: Michelangelo!
(Mikey half screams as he and Mozar are beamed away.)

Zorin: Captain Mozar, sir, you have captured an Earth creature.
Mozar: A mutant species of some kind, rare to the planet.
Mikey: I used to think dinosaurs were cool, but not you guys. Why are you doing this dino-dude? Why can't you just leave Earth alone?
Mozar: Why? Because of the Kraang. We will not let them take this planet. They want it as a hiding place from Dimension X, a back door where we Triceratons cannot detect them. So we will simply destroy your planet and all of the Kraang hiding there.
Mikey: But we don't want the Kraang here either. Can't we all just get along?
Mozar: No. The decision has been made by the Triceraton Emperor. It cannot be changed.
(Mikey breaks out of his containment bubble and tries to attack Mozar but is grabbed by Zorin.)
Mikey: Get off of me dorkasaurus. Grunting
Zorin: Should I take him to the brig, sir?
Mozar: No, ready the Psionic Extractor.
(The other troops grunt in surprise.)
Zorin: The Psionic Extractor? But sir... we only use it on our greatest war criminals. It is too horrible and cruel even for the likes of--
Mozar: Silence! Do as I command.
(Zorin nods to the other troops and they pull up a visual of the process.
Mikey: Wow (chuckles). That looks like it's really gonna hurt.
Mozar: More than you can possibly imagine, creature.
(Mikey chuckles awkwardly and then sighs)

The Moons of Thalos 3:

(Salamandrian vessels attack the ship)
Mozar (to his troopers): You sluggish fools. Stay alert! The Salamandrians slipped past you like slitherfish.
Triceraton Trooper: Captain Mozar, sir. Scanners are picking up an incoming ship.
(On the monitor, Mozar sees the Ulixes hyperspeed into their airspace.)
Mozar: I know that vessel. It's the Fugitoid's ship. Squadron Three, blast them out of the sky!

Mozar: What are you waiting for, Gunner Zork? Blast the Fugitoid to pieces.

The Arena of Carnage:

Zanmoran: Fools. You have made a grave enemy of the Triceraton Empire.
Mozar: Even if you get off this ship, there is no where in the Ten Dimensions we will not find you!

Earth's Last Stand

Mozar's blaster is disabled by Leonardo
Mozar: No matter. I only need these! (Cracks knuckles and charges with a roar)

(Mozar sees the Ulixes approaching the flagship with the Heart of Darkness on a kamikaze run)
Mozar: Oh, no...
(The Fugitoid sets off the cataclysmic explosion to destroy the Heart of Darkness, engulfing the Triceraton flagship as well)
Mozar: (As he futilely dives for cover) NO! (His last words)


  • Mozar is the fourth character in the 2012 series to mention "the 10 dimensions", after the Newtralizer, Wyrm and Sal Commander.
  • Mozar's voice actor, Michael Dorn, is better known for his portrayal of the Klingon Worf in both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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