Movie Star Raph
The Dramatic Debuting Dude!

Accessories: Tinseltown Turtle Shell Shield, I Win, You Ooze Canister, Yuk-yuk Yo-yo, 2 (count ‘em, 2) Silver Screen Sais, Ninja Stars, Bodacious Belt

Raph’s the kind of reptile role player who likes to perform his own celluloid stunts – like taking on the whole Foot Clan by himself (wow, now that’s a stunt)! Fueled by the frenzy of his fans (that’s you), Raph’s ready to wrangle and tangle with Shredhead and his henchmen. Armed with his yuk-yuk yo-yo, silver screen sais and an attitude the size of Hollywood, this Tinseltown Turtle is a guaranteed blcokbuster. It’s no wonder Raph always says, “I love being a Turtle!”


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