Movie Star Mike.jpg

The Slapstick Celluloid Star

Accessories: Last Picture Pizza Box Shield, I Win, You Ooze Canister, Celluloid Sausage Nunchaku, 2 (count ‘em, 2) Newly Released Nunchakus, Ninja Stars, Bodacious Belt

Whether he’s tossing the Foot Clan or tossing a pizza, you can be sure this heroic ham has an eye on adventure. Perhaps that’s why he’s garnered millions of adoring anti-Foot fans. It’s not just his kowabunga kickin’ of the creepy Clan that gets the crowd crowing though. It’s also Mike’s grogeous green tan and sweet sewer smile. Wielding his celluloid sausuage nunchaku, this cold cutting crimefighter’s working his way to top billing. Along with the last picture box shield, Mike’s makin’ mutant movie history! And if those fiendish Foot Clan clowns try stealing the limelight, Mike’ll make mincemeat out of ‘em with his razor sharp wit and ninja stars. Like Mike says, all the good Turtles end in “o.”


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