Movie Star Leo.jpg

The Master Mutant Matinee Idol!


This mutant movie star has been seen by thousands – nay, mutant millions! He’s lead role Leo – and he’s fresh from the screen and lookin’ like a true teen idol. Even though Leo can propel props and clear a path through a horde of hideous Foot henchman, he prefers to use his movietime manhole cover. Ever since he’s picked up a Foot bopper at the toy store, Leo’s become a master head basher. And whether he’s hanging over sharp metal shards or slicin’ pizza, Leo always remembers his lines – and his cue katana blades. So, go ninja go – get the hard-edged glitz ‘n glamour of lens-lovin’ Leo!


  • Movietime Manhole Cover
  • I Win, You Ooze Canister
  • Foot Bopper
  • 2 (count ‘em, 2) On Cue Katana Blades
  • Ninja Stars
  • Bodacious Belt


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