"The Mindless Movie Star Minion"

Accessories: Super Star Steel Pole, Super Ninja Stars, Ninja Nunchakus, Ooze Canister

Here's a celebrity super villain who needs no introduction. He's second banana and henchman to Shredder. He's Movie Star Foot Soldier - and he can't memorize lines, so he doesn't get many lines. Just a few grunts and mummified moans and you know the show's not over. And since there are hordes of these hideous henchmen, they don't hesitate to attack. And even when they lose, they keep comin' back for more! No rehearsals are necessary for these rebels. They're masters of the dreaded nunchakus. (That's not a problem for Mike, though.) Oh, and if you were wondering how Shredder ever amassed such a large army of Foot Soldiers, it's easily explained. It's classic movie magic - it's done with Mutant mirrors! That's a joke, dude!

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