Movie III Splinter
The Century-slippin’ Sensei!

Accessories: Time-slippin’ Scepter, Bust ‘em Bow & Arrow, Crack ‘em Cane, Fist Dagger, Nifty Dah-Dau Knife

Splinter is one responsible rat who has his hands full. It’s bad enough that he’s the Turtles’ Sensei, but now they’ve gone off to ancient Japan to rescue April. Sounds cool you say, yeah maybe for the Turtles, but poor Splinter now has four 17th century Japanese Samurais to take care of. Have you ever tried to explain things to a 17th century Japanese Samurai who’s standing in front of you in his underwear? Well, it’s not a pretty sight – and it’s not easy. First, you gotta gain their respect – and Splinter can do that, cuz he speaks perfect Japanese. He’s also the most respectable rat in the 20th century, and that’ll impress anybody. He’ll still have to impress them with his skill of the bust ‘em bow and arrow and the fatal, but fancy fist dagger. But if they still don’t fall in line, then he must use his nifty dah-dau knife. And nobody wants that.

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