Movie III Samurai Mike
The Awesome Action Actor

Accessories: Time-slippin’ Scepter, Knockin’ Nunchakus, Honor Guard Mask, Silent Sun Knife, Long Fist Dagger

Whoa dudes! Have you seen the sewers anywhere? Not since Mike and his bros time-travelled to 17th century Japan. Why’d they do that? Cuz someone had to save the village; someone had to save April – and besides, the durable dudes get to be Samurais for a while, too! Mike may want to come home for good after this hair-raising historical Japanese journey. Mike’s totally terrific time-slippin’ scepter got ripped; and he’s not too happy about hoppin’ up on a horse, then fallin’ flat on his face. But after knockin’ noggins with his knockin’ nunchakus and slicin’ scum with his silent sun knife, Mike may just stay away from home after all. It was a long time-travellin’ trip, but no one told Mike his payoff would be meeting up with a pretty princess. But in the end Mike’ll have to come back to the 20th century – cuz there’s no pizza in 17th century Japan! Bummer dude!

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