Movie III Samurai Leo
The Leading Role Radical Leader

Accessories: Time-slippin’ Scepter, Cameo-cuttin’ Katana Blades, Honor Guard Mask, Semi-circular Slicer

Rise and shine! It’s 17th century Japan and Samurai Leo’s on a mission. He’s got five days to rescue April, save the village… oh, and get back to the 20th century, too. No problem for this century-skippin’ shelled star. He’s got all he needs like a Turtley time-slippin’ scepter – use it once to go back, use it twice to go forward. And lucky Leo’s priceless pair of cameo-cuttin’ katana blades stay sharp no matter what year it is. His semi-circular slicer may be half a circle, but it cuts all the way. And of course, where would Leo be without one Daimyo-dupin’ honor guard mask? You’re right. He’d be in real trouble, dude. But with all these Turtle tools and Leo’s undisputed ninja skills, how could anything go wrong? Well, did we mention his bodaicious brothers would be going along with him? It’s Turtle time turmoil and Samurai Leo’s in charge – as long as time doesn’t run out!

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