Accessories: Samurai War Banner, Sharp Spear o' Pain

The greatest War Horse to ever trample a Turtle is here. As evidenced in the mega Turtle III Movie, this wild War Horse is a marchin' maverick, towering around the castle moat - who needs a drawbridge when you've got this awesome equine? This powerhouse plows over puny rebels and crushes tiny Turtles. And with the Castle Guard ridin' high in his side swipin' saddle, there's no stoppin' this humongous horse. Turtles must beware of the pounding pressure of the War Horse's heavy hooves. Protected by feudal armor that can withstand even the Green Teens' blows, this sinister stallion bucks his way through battles without even a scratch. When the Turtles are ready to assault, the War Horse is ready in blatant defiance to all that is good. And remember, like the old Japanese saying goes, "You can lead a War Horse to battle, but you can't make him kiss a Turtle!"

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