The Luscious Leader of the Rambunctious Rebels

Accessories: Time-slippin’ Scepter, Bodaicious Bow & Arrow, Quickset Quiver, Broadsword Dagger, Heroine Deer Horn Knife

She’s 17th century’s prettiest princess – and she has it all. An army of devoted Rebel Soldiers. A village under siege. One very evil Warlord with warriors after her. And if that’s not enough, the princess’ boyfriend has turned up missing. Did we mention the four time travelin’ Turtles? One has a crush on her, but we can’t tell you which one. With all this going for her, you’d think she would have an easy life. But not this fiesty fireball of a princess, no sir-ree. She’s leading her Rebel Soldiers, all with the help of the Turtle Teens. It’s a battle against the warrin’ Warlord, and the princess and the Green Guys are fightin’ to save the village. And fight they can! Even the princess is a tough cookie. She’s the master of the bow and arrow. And one swipe of her broadsword dagger and she’ll cut the Warlord’s men into the next century. So join the princess in her battle to save her village, get the Turtles back to the 20th century, and get her boyfriend, Kenshin, back to her past.

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