Movie III April
The Time-travelin’ T.V. Reporter!

Accessories: Time-slippin’ Scepter, Kappa Katana, Punky-portable Tape Player, Super Spear-tipped Bo, Antler Lance

Where there’s news, you’ll find April – even if the news is in 17th century Japan! She’s got the story of a lifetime, provided she can live long enough to get back to the 20th century to tell it. And that won’t be easy. First, that brutal trader, Walker, and his English henchmen are after her. Then there’s that demented Daimyo and his not-so-honorable honor guard. But the real headline is that April can’t find the time-slippin’ scepter – and that’s the only thing that can get her back to her own time! But lucky for her, she’s not totally defenseless; she’s got her hands on a kappa katana blade and a very sharp super spear-tipped bo. And if things get too quiet, April can always blast ‘em with her wailin’ punky-portable tape player. But her best chance of getting outta this mess are her ever faithful friends, the Turtles! So she’s not too worried, cuz she’s got four chances to get home – Leo, Don, Raph and Mike – okay, so she’s a little worried.

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