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The Mousers v2.0 are an enhanced version of the Baxter Stockman developed Mouser robots and enemies of the Turtles. This version of the Mouser was specifically created for the 2003 animated series, and only appear in one Season 3 episode.

Description and abilities

The Mousers v2.0 are, as mentioned, more advanced versions of the original Mousers. Just like them, they have a metal shell and a powerful bite that can bite through steel easily, but they are in some ways significantly different:

  • They have four legs, a pyramid-like arrangement of three eyes, and a long-drawn-back head;
  • They reach a length of about 8 feet (about 2.40 meters);
  • Their metal shell is much more resistant to physical damage, even against small arms and weapons of the Turtles;
  • For better transport these Mouser can be rolled into balls.


The v2.0 Mouser were created by Dr. Chaplin on the basis of Baxter Stockman's original Mouser design. They have been specially prepared for a mission in which Stockman, Chaplin and Hun are ordered to steal a Triceraton anti-gravity generator which was used by Zanramon in the kidnapping of Beijing. The Mousers had even the battle-hardened Turtles and Karai (who was secretly helping the Turtles) helplessly overwhelmed, and only by a strong electromagnetic pulse triggered by Professor Honeycutt, were all of these robots defeated. Whether Chaplin had planned further Mouser models, is not known.


Video Games

The Mouser 2.0 versions appear with the same origin in the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare, as general opponents, coming in standard and purple versions.