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Raph:What? Are you fighting a guy in slow motion?

Leo:I suppose I could do it faster if I ignored my form, like you.

Raph: Ignore this form!

Splinter:Competition is an excellent motivator but not when it turns you against each other. So now, you will spar two on two.

Leo:Okay, I'll take Don-

Splinter:You will take Raphael. You two must focus on working together, not competing with each other.

Leo:Okay, so me and Raph against Mikey and Donnie? Uh, isn't that a little unfair?

Donnie:Wait, what are you trying to say?

Raph:Um, how can I put this gently? We're way better than you guys.

Mikey:At fighting, maybe.

Donnie:Uh, that's what I meant.

Mikey:Oh? Fine.

Splinter: Hajime! Ya me!

Raph:You were right, sensei. Working together is fun.

[theme song]

Dogpound:The Purple Dragon gang agreed to raise our cut to 80%. No complaints.

Shredder: It seems your mutated form has its advantages. But do not forget our primary goal: Locating Splinter and the turtles.

Fishface:If I weren't stuck in here, I would have caught Splinter by now.

Dogpound:But you are stuck in there.[starts taping on Fishface's cage]

Fishface:No, no, no, no! Stop that! Stop that! Ow! Ow! Stop it! Stop it!

Dogpound:[laughs] I'm sure you'll have your chance to shine one of these days. Master Shredder might get hungry for sushi.

Fishface:Why don't you get in the water and say that?

Shredder:Enough, Xever! Bradford is right. You are useless to me this way. I'm counting on you. Find me information I can use, or Xever won't be the only one missing his legs.

Leo:Look, guys. Raph and I may be better fighters, but you're still an important part of this team.

Donnie:[annoyed[As important as you two?

Leo:Uh, very important. We shouldn't compare ourselves. It it's like apples and oranges.

Mikey:[muttering]Yeah, if apples were way better, which they are.

Donnie: So the truth comes out.

Mikey:You guys think of us as some kind of B-team.

Raph:Good one, Dr. Name-enstein. We'll call you the B-team.

Mikey:Thanks. I mean, hey!

Leo:There's no shame in it. Look, they've got a B-team too.

Ryan:We'll need backup. You two in the shirts you're coming with us.

Crankshaw:Rodriguez and that other guy they're gone!

Ryan: Well, that's why we bring them along.

Donnie: Thanks a lot.

Leo:The point is, they had an important function.

Donnie: April, what's wrong? Are you okay?

April: I just got mugged by some Purple Dragons. They stole my phone.

Leo:Don't worry. We'll kick their butts for you.

Raph:Yeah, we'll teach those punks to mess with April O'Neil.

April:Guys, it's just a phone. I'll get another one.

Donnie: Come on. What's the point of being a ninja if you can't help your friends when they get robbed?

Splinter: April is right. It is best to let this go.

Leo:What do you mean? Why shouldn't we get her phone back?

Splinter: One cannot predict the consequences of battle. Every fight has the potential to stir a hornet's nest. A simple cell phone does not justify this risk.

Raph:What risk? It's the Purple Dragons. Even Mikey and Donnie could beat 'em.

Donnie and Mikey: Hey!

Leo: Don't worry, sensei. We'll be careful.

April:Eh. What ya gonna do?

Splinter: Hope my next pupil is more obedient.

Tsoi:Right in the shell. Let's see you beat that.

Sid:Watch and learn. Oh, that's it. No more bets.

Tsoi:Come on, your luck'll turn around.

Fong:The turtles?


Fong: Get 'em!

Mikey: Bring it.

Raph:Comin' through!

Leo:I got it.

Fong: Let's get out of here!

Leo:You punks stole a phone from a friend of ours. We want it back.

Fong:Whatever. We steal a lot of phones.

Leo:Well, let's see 'em. Now!

Donnie:Hey, that looks like it.

Mikey: Does anyone else feel that?


Sid:What's going on?

Leo:What the heck?

Sid:Hey, those things are stealing the stuff we stole.

Leo:Wait, where's- He's got the phone. B-team, get him! - We'll handle the metal. -

Donnie:Hey, we are-

Leo:Just go!

Raph:If you guys can't handle it, don't be ashamed to call for help.

Mikey:Oh, yeah? Well, maybe you should call us for help. Or don't call us. We'll call you. - Wait, I mean-

Donnie:I think they got it.

Leo:Come on. Let's see where these things are coming from.

Dogpound:What is it?

Fong:One of our guys jacked this earlier tonight. Then those turtles came looking for it, said it belongs to a friend of theirs.


Mikey: Aww, man. We can't take Dogpound on our own. Maybe we should wait for Leo and Raph.

Donnie:And tell them we chickened out? Then they'll never stop calling us the B-team. We'll use stealth. With the right plan, we can grab the phone without Dogpound ever seeing us. Okay?

Stockman:Well done, my pretties.

Raph:Dexter Spackman.

Stockman: It's Baxter Stockman!

Raph:I was close.

Stockman:So you're here to stop me again. Well, you don't stand a chance against my M. O. U. S. E. R. S.


Stockman:Mobile offensive underground search, excavation, and retrieval sentries.

Leo:Seems a little forced.

Stockman:Since my test robbery was successful, it's time to move on to bigger targets. These are about to make me very, very rich.

Raph:And we're gonna make you very, very hurt.

[Stockman pulls out a mouser spray and sprayed it on them]

Leo:Acid! Protect your eyes! -[both started choking but stops for a moment]

Raph:Wait. We're fine.

Leo:*cough* You're right. Get him!

Stockman:Get me? No, you will be the ones who will be getting got. Gotten? Get them!

Raph:All gone.

Stockman:Good thing I made extra.

Leo:I'm calling it. Time to go.

Raph:I'll allow it.

Stockman:You can't run forever. Soon, the mousers will crush your bones in their jaws. Such is the fate of anyone foolish enough to trifle with Baxter Stock-

Donnie:We need a diversion, so we can grab the phone. How about this? We'll make them think the police are here. We'll need a bullhorn, some flashing lights, and a siren.

Mikey:Operation: Cop out!

Donnie:Or we can make them think the place is on fire. We'll need a smoke machine, an orange light, and some firefighter jackets.

Mikey: Operation: Burn out.

Donnie:Or we could find the breaker box and shut off the power. We'll need um, nothing

Mikey:Operation: Blackout. No, lights out. No, power out. This one's too good, I can't handle it.

Leo:You think we lost them yet?

Raph: I'd say no.

Leo:How are those things tracking us?

Raph: It's gotta be that stuff he sprayed us with.

Leo: All right, we better call Donnie.

Raph:You want to get bailed out by the B-team? Forget that.

Leo:Maybe we won't have to. Whatever this stuff is, we'll just wash it off.

Raph: Cold!

Leo:That ought to do it.

Raph:Of course, we could call Donnie just to say hi.


Donnie: I've got it. I'll use my T-phone to hack the CIA computer system, then reroute a satellite over the building and focus its beams to give them all splitting headaches.

Mikey:Operation: Spaced out.

Donnie:That's when you go in, wearing a tinfoil hat to protect yourself I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Mikey:Is that Leo? Tell him my operation names.

Donnie:What's the matter? Oh, don't tell me the A-team needs our help.

Leo: Uh, no. No, of course not. No, we're we're great. I-I'm just, you know, checking to see if you guys need any help.

Donnie:We got this. We followed Fong to the defunct futon factory on fifth.

Mikey: Say that five times fast.

Donnie: Anyway, we've got an awesome plan to get the phone back. How are you guys doing?

Leo: Uh, you know. Good ish. Whoops, call waiting! Gotta go! You were right. We've got to beat these things on our own if it kills us.Okay, bad choice of words.

Dogpound:Can't you unlock it?

Fong:It's encrypted or something.

Stockman: Uh, nice doggy?

Tsoi:This guy used his little robots to steal from us, which means he's stealing from you.

Dogpound: I don't have time for this. Get rid of him. I've got turtles to find.

Stockman: Wait! Turtles? I hate those guys. I can help. In fact, I'm already helping.

Dogpound: Explain.

Stockman:My M.O.U.S.E.R.S are destroying the turtles as we speak. Uh, two of them, at least.

Dogpound: So you make robots. You must be good with electronics.

Stockman: The best. There's nothing I can't build, hack, or fix.

Dogpound:Could you hack into this phone?

Stockman:You insult me, sir. Something so easy would be a waste of my talents.

Dogpound:Well, then, start wasting your talents before I waste you.

Donnie: Okay, let's do this.

Mikey:- B-team is go!

Donnie:Don't call us that.

Mikey: Oh, right.

Leo:Look, Raph, mouser-kebabs.

Raph:These things are a cakewalk.

Leo:Now! I could do this all day.

Raph: Same here.


Raph:That was so fun.

Leo:It's almost too much fun.

Stockman: There. My decryption program is ready.

Dogpound:What's going on? The phone!

Mikey: Well, that plan didn't work.

Dogpound:Worked great for me. Get the chains.

Stockman:We'll have access to the phone in about ten minutes.

Donnie:You're wasting your time. There's nothing on it.

Stockman::It's got a GPS log, doesn't it?[Donnie gasps] Once I unlock this phone, we'll see every place it's ever been.

Mikey:The Museum of natural history!

Donnie:Or the lair.

Mikey: That's even worse!

Dogpound::If that phone tells me where Splinter is, I'll have no reason to keep you alive. And if it doesn't tell me, I'll get the answers out of you. That's what I call a win-win.

Leo:Okay, this is crazy. Maybe we should call-

Raph:We can do this. I got an idea.

Leo:Up here, metal mouth!

Raph:Told you we didn't need those guys.

Leo: Oh, come on.

Raph:Okay, I admit it. I wish Donnie were here. I bet he could find a way to get these things off our tail. Make the call!

Dogpound:We'll check these next.

Donnie:T-phones, self-destruct!

Leo:Mikey's not answering either. Something's wrong.

Raph: I should've known they'd need us to bail them-

Stockman:Almost done. 98 99 Yes 100. And processing, processing. Come on. And finished.

Dogpound:The turtles!

Leo: Not so fast, Dogpound. And Dexter Spackman?

Stockman:Baxter Stockman! How did you escape my M.O.U.S.E.R.S?

Leo:We didn't.

Raph:We're here to save the day, as usual.

Donnie:Oh, yeah. Looks like you guys were doing great.

Raph:You try fighting off 2,000 robots!

Fong: Let's beat it!

Leo:Mikey! Keep away!

Donnie:A gamma camera. It detects radioisotopes. That must be what he's tagged you with.

Raph: Oh. How do we get it off?

Donnie:You can't. It wears off gradually. But if someone else got sprayed, they'd give off a stronger signal. We gotta get Stockman's spray. It controls the M.O.U.S.E.R.S.

Mikey:You mean that thing?

Stockman: I'll handle this, dog man. One spritz and they're mouser chow.


Donnie:Hang it up, Dogpound. Your call just got dropped.

Leo:Nice job, guys.

Raph:Yeah, from here on out, you're the "A-" team.

Donnie:That's probably the best we're gonna get out of him.

Mikey: Hey! Guys?

Splinter: I hope you all see that by choosing your own battles poorly, you created your own crisis.

Donnie: Yeah, there's definitely some irony there.

Leo:Okay, it got a little out of control, but we learned our lesson. And at least we got April's phone back.

April: You did? Sweet.

Leo:Uh, the important thing is it didn't end up in the wrong hands.

April:Gee. Thanks, guys.

Donnie:Uh, don't worry, April. you can have one of my custom-built T-phones.

April:Ooh, cool.

Mikey:Just don't say, "T-phone, self-destruct. " Or else that happens.

Stockman:. Ow! Hey, let go.

Dogpound: Here he is, master.

Shredder:Baxter Stockman. Your interference has cost me the turtles and Splinter. You should pay with your life. Fortunately for you, I may have use for your skills.

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