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The People's Choice

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In the Mirage TMNT story The People's Choice, Moriah was the former ruler of Jhanna's planet Slandon from the local royal dynasty and also rival since Jhanna had been elected to be the new ruler. The two were to have the election settled in hand-to-hand combat. During the combat, Moriah showed no hesitation in cheating her way through the battle, attempting to have Jhanna killed before the battled was schedule. Eventually she loses her position as ruler to Jhanna.


Moriah doesn't look very sympathetic at first glance. The woman has heavily painted lips, and her hair, if she has any, is hidden under a black hood with a fluffy, pale border. She wears a royal coat, a dark top and a rather peculiar long-sleeved bodysuit with wide, horizontal stripes underneath. She wears dark pads on her forearms.


Moriah is quite a cunning, not necessarily honest person. She can be aggressive, but usually does not solve the problems created in this way - she uses others to do so, possibly interfering at the end to gain merit. She is very self-confident and even overestimates herself and her abilities and potential. She looks down on others.


According to Moriah's short story, it appears that she belongs to the royal family, who have held the tyrannical rule of Slandon for centuries. The woman was to continue this tradition like her ancestors, but was defeated during the election by Jhanna. So Moriah had only one option left if she wanted to stay in power - to kill the one who had won it in the traditional Slandon battle.


Moriah comes from the planet Slandon, where their society is apparently ruled by a martial matriarchy. It is the custom of their people, after a preliminary decision by the people, to let the incumbent ruler and her challenger fight to the death in an arranged duel. If the challenger wins, she becomes the new ruler of her people; if the ruler wins, she may continue to exercise her office until the next challenge.

Moriah and her family, however, had long remained in power, and their privileged position had eventually turned them into haughty tyrants for whom only their power mattered and who had long since ceased to concern themselves with the affairs and concerns of the people. Finally Moriah was challenged by Jhanna, an honorable warrior, but spoiled for power as she was, she did not even think about getting her hands dirty and possibly losing her life in a fight; therefore Moriah had Jhanna's ship shot down on the way to the battlefield.

But Jhanna managed to make an emergency landing on Earth in the forests of Northampton, where she met the Ninja Turtles and befriended them. When she challenged Moriah to fight on Earth, Moriah responded to the call, but took (contrary to the rules of the fight) monstrous auxiliary troops to the arena, to kill Jhanna for her. The Turtles, who didn't like this unfair behavior, interfered in Jhanna's favor and incapacitated the monsters. Jhanna then defeated Moriah in a duel, but did not kill her, but instead branded her and deposed her as ruler

The People's Choice

Moriah first appears when she rebukes her subordinates for not killing Jhanna. After a while, the woman states that nothing is lost - her opponent has fallen on a primitive planet, so soon she will have to send a signal home to be taken from there. This will then point Moriah to her location, allowing her to get there ahead of her.

It also happens that - Moriah and her subordinates find Jhanna and the Turtles on Earth exactly where the signal indicated. There is a fight between the groups. Though initially Moriah's forces appear to be defeating the enemy, they are ultimately defeated, as is the Queen herself.

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