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Moonbase Bishop appears in the 2003 series episode Fly Me to the Moon. It is located in the Sea of Tranquility. Cody Jones and the Ninja Turtles visit it when visiting Moon to gather Donatellium.

In the episode Zixxth Sense, Torbin Zixx and a group of extraterrestrials are seen in a bar in the Moonbase. Torbin Zixx sends a distress signal to the Ninja Turtles on Earth when the giant lobster claims Torbin Zixx owes him a Matter Transmitter.

When the Ninja Turtles arrive, they discover the message was used to make them come to the Moonbase. It is later revealed his real purpose is to warn them what seems to be a dark matter meteor on collision course with Earth, but is later revealed to be John Bishop's spacecraft in a holographic cloak.[1]


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